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One thing that goes with hockey more than anything is all the trash talk.  Being from Philly, and having lived here all my life makes me born with the ability to take and dish out trash talk from/about other teams.  It's probably something in the water.  One place that doesn't pull off trash talking well — Chicago.

Chicagoan Twitter users have been using a #prongerisadouche hash-tag in their tweets in relation to the Stanley Cup Final games. [see Pronger press conference hilarity]

Read their comments after the jump.

Some examples include:

"when I think #Flyers fans, I think trashy and unclassy. Chicago has you beat Aaaaaaall day. #Blackhawks #ProngerIsADouche"

"Hey #NHL, Philly won a game. Happy? Good. Now you can tell your blind officials to start calling penalties on #ProngerIsADouche. Kthxboi"

"#PhuckPhilly #Blackhawks #Hawks #OneGoal #GoHawks #NiemiSaysNo #prongerisadouche"

"#prongerisadouche and #jaredhillbillyallen are ranked at the top of my needs to DIE list!!!"

"#prongerisadouche he just has that face that you want to punch real hard"

….Not to mention all the whining that they do about penalties not being called.   

"This fukin Pronger guy get away with everything? Yes and he is a douche!! #prongerisadouche"

"How much shit is Pronger going to get away with tonight? Dammit #ProngerIsADouche #Blackhawks"

"dude it's like he's the ref's puppetmaster! I was about to go nuts! #prongerisadouche"

"Break open the second wine bottle. These f'ing NON PENALTIES are causing me to drink more. #prongerisadouche"

Wah wah wah.  All I hear is crying from Chicago about penalties.  When we're winning you'll be whining.  Even if you're winning you'll be whining.  The last time I checked hockey was a rough sport.  Deal with it. 

It's good to see Pronger living up to expectations and is giving people something to talk (whine) about.