Perhaps this is why Jayson Werth and the Phillies are struggling.

After last night's 8-4 loss (the Phillies' 4th in five games), Jayson Werth and Chase Utley were spotted at the Lumiere Casino in downtown St. Louis playing Blackjack until around 4 AM cst.

Russ Kelly on Twitter mentioned it (@russkelly): Jason Werth and a some other Phaillies are at a St. Louis casino at this hour. Hope they play extra crappy tomorrow.

That tweet was at almost 4 AM central time.


Andrew from St. Louis, who played with the guys, tells us:

I was at Lumiere Casino in Downtown St. Louis on the River Front last night between the hours of 12:30AM-2:00AM (3 AM est). As I saw and noticed it was Werth and Utley that were sitting across the High Limit room at their own Private table when I walked up and they invited me to join the game. Yeah, definitely really cool guys, I felt like one of them the way they interacted with me, even though I was a cards fan. Wishing them best of luck in a sincere way throughout the rest of the season. The money they were playing with wasn't huge, I mean i've seen bigger, but it definitely was a chunk of change… I'd say 8000. Not really drunk, maybe tipsy, but not drunk at all. 

He also mentioned the two were still there when he left (validates the tweet) and that Utley was a lot more friendly and talkative than Werth.

Nice to see the guys hanging with the fans, and we get that tonight's game is not until 8 est, but 4 AM? Come on. The Phils are at a critical point in their season, six games back of the Braves.  Jayson is at a critical point in his career, just three more months to prove his worth for a large contract.  Plus, he has been flat out awful of late.  This can't help.

Maybe a little rest, yo.

Oh yeah, at least this probably negates that whole Werth is sleeping with Utley's wife rumor, don't you think?

Credit PHLSportsFan with the assist.