More Evidence that Jayson Werth is NOT Sleeping With Chase Utley’s Wife

We tried to squash the rumor that Werth monster was porking Jen Utley last week, but now here is further evidence that the nonsense reported by (which has since been removed) was false.'s Dan Gross notes that Jen Utley and Julia Werth sit together in the Diamond Club for most home games.  This weekend was no different, the pair was in attendance together while the Phils took on the Reds.

So there are one of two things happening here: either they are swingers, and Julia enjoys watching Jayson give Jen his johnson, or more likely, it's not happening.

Here's Werth leaving yesterday's game by himself.  Perhaps a sign of discord between he and Julia? Psyche, the Phillies usually drive separately from their significant others because they get to the park so early.

Rumors, folks.


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