Marketing FAIL: Patrick Kane Ad on Flyers Skate Zone in Voorhees

So, what is the equivalent of being violated and continually finding undiscovered DNA stains to prove it? Probably an encounter with Ben Rothlisberger, but if not, it's this.

That's Stanley Cup winning goal scorer, cabby beating, binge drinking Patrick Kane gracing the outside of the Flyers practice facility in Voorhees.  Essentially, it's the equivalent of a Hideki Matsui billboard at Bright House Networks Field.

Apparently, the ad has been there since the cup without incident.  Can someone please take care of this? Or at least write "is gay" on it?

Good find by Ryan Bright (@philabright) of


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  1. Thats been there. For-EVER.. since he came into the league basically.. just saying

  2. right, but most of that time was pre- he came in our eye and ruined the stanley cup- event. time to take it down. there was not a joe carter ad anywhere at the vet, i promise you that. essentially the same thing.

  3. To be fair, Joe Carter was never a national spokesman for any of the top baseball equipment providers

  4. Thanks for pointing out all those awful Philly fan moments, we’ve never seen them before.
    By the way, you’re the one commenting on some idiot’s blog about just how bad said blog is. It’s like masturbating to a picture of your sister. It’s so wrong, but feels oh-so-right to you.
    Thanks for earning me .02 in ad revenue.

  5. dude, i remember like last summer when i saw the big pat kane sign at the one in NEeast philly, i told them that they needed to take it down.

  6. Yes, Sarah Baicker has been dating Pat Kane since they met at the SCF. That’s why she never writes about him, it’s against company policy.

  7. “Thanks for earning me .02 in ad revenue.” -Kyle Scott (owner of this disgrace of a sports blog)
    Is there a problem here? I think so. You just lost all credibility in my book. Not only did you steal this from PuckDaddy, a NATIONAL Yahoo Blog, but you basically just said that your inspiration for writing is so that you can earn ad revenue. You’re a disgrace to the world of sports blogging and I am sad to have ever opened this page.
    You should honestly be ashamed of yourself. I’ll stick to better, more intelligent blogs. Thanks.

  8. Thanks, David. We actually posted the story first and Puck Daddy linked to us. Other way around there big guy. And no, motivation is not money, rather, it allows me to do what I love. Clearly, you’re an idiot.
    Thanks for the two cents. Literally.

  9. Ah good point on getting the trackback, but you need ads to pay for your website? Keep it pure, man. You have like 900 writers and you can’t pay the yearly $10 it takes to buy rights and $6 a month to host? Thats like two less big macs a month dumbass. You’re also really good at defending your blog…oh wait, you just make fun of everyone else. Once again insightful comments. The only intelligent thing that I’ve ever seen on this website is……………

  10. Oh, and since you are insulting everyone, did I mention that you’re a fuckin’ moron? I have a friend that writes for you, a friend I feel bad for because they write for a shit blog that writes about about fake twitter feeds and such. Just stupid.

  11. David,
    First, would love to hear which of your friends writes for us. Second, you are so dumb, it makes me hurt. I won’t get into the financials of it, but there’s not ads to pay for the hosting (you’re right, its about $10 a month), it’s to pay me so I can do this instead of working another job. No ads = no blog. Clearly you don’t understand capitalism 101. I am doing something I enjoy, and getting paid for it. Are athletes only interested in money because they do what they love and get paid? Are singers? Are social workers? No. Apparently, I’m the dumbass with the website that has a handful of writers, a whole bunch of readers, and can reach idiots like you.
    And please, tell me which Twitter feeds are fake.
    And then, fuck off.

  12. Ha this is your job? Thank god you don’t do something important. You could really fuck something up.
    Also, This post about Lupul.
    You’re an idiot if you think that’s his real twitter. Do you send your FWD emails along to get good luck too? So my guess is you created the Lupul account and posted something stupid, or had a friend do it so you could post that and get more hits. That’s classy. Been seeing that a lot lately (more along the lines of reporting that Werth is sleeping with Jen Utley without any sources).

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