Poll: Phillies are 3rd Most Watched Team in MLB, Who’s Your Favorite Broadcaster?

According to the Philadelphia Business Journal, the Phillies rank third in Major League Baseball with 7.2% of all televisions tuning to the Phillies when they're on. That is up 16% over last year, meaning over 212,000 people watch Phillies home games, on average.  

Only the Cardinals and Twins have more viewers, percentage wise, in market.  The Yankees, of course, have more total viewers, averaging 328,000 per game.  But since they are in the country's largest market, that's only good for 4.2% of televisions, down from 5.4% last season.

This means over 212,000 people have to put up with Tom McCarthy (or "McArskey") and Chris Wheeler on a nightly basis. Interestingly, 159,000 people listen to each game on the radio, which seems comparatively high  (perhaps to escape Wheeler?)  We certainly direct a lot of hate Wheeler's way, and to a lesser extent, at McCarthy. It seems like most of our readers share our view, but let's put it to a vote.

Three questions.  Who do you want doing play-by-play?  Who is your favorite Phillies announcer overall? And which broadcast do you prefer?

Vote below.

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Online Surveys & Market Research

Online Surveys & Market Research


23 Responses

  1. As of this moment, Tom McCarthy has 25% of the vote. Therefore, he has voted 25% of the time.

  2. the 2.3% of people who want wheeler to do play by play need their IQs checked.
    on the other hand, the fact that 0.0% of people like watching games on fox is encouraging.

  3. Loved it when Scott Graham would say “Put this one in the win column for the Fightin Phils!”

  4. I like this poll, pretty interesting though as I love Jim Jackson on CSN with Flyers and would like to see what he would do for Phils. I still enjoy Matthews the most he can at least most times fill the air with solid chatter. Wheeler depresses at times and although critical and detailed at some points he does not have the same polish as I feel Matthews has. Either way, as long as Phils are on TV (I am from PA but had to move to north NJ) I am a happy camper!

  5. Here’s an idea:
    Since Roger Ebert has lost his voice box, some software company went back through all of his “At The Movies” archives when he still could talk, gathering all of the distinct words/syllables/sounds he made, and making a text-to-speech program out of that, so that all of Roger’s new reviews can sound like him and not like some generic electronic voice, like Steven Hawking uses.
    Thus, I propose somebody does the same with Harry Kalas. There’s a ton of recordings of his Phillies stuff, and the stuff for the NFL Archives. It’ll probably be easier for the programmers, as he likely has more different inflections for the same distinct words/syllables/sounds.
    They can start with this:

    No disrespect to McC, but if they do this, then he can keep his job if he learns to type real fast. Actually, they can probably have him use a speech-to-text-program that they use for closed-captioning, and then have the output of that go into the Harry Kalas text-to-speech program. It’ll be awesome.

  6. why are these idiots asking “where is the Harry K choice”???? the poll is for the current announcers morons….

  7. Kyle, it’s more advanced than a soundboard that uses existing clips. It’s more of a program that synthesizes a particular voice. Read more about Ebert’s voice synthesizer here:
    Here it is in action:

    Of course, there’s an ethical concern of making one for Harry Kalas. Since he’s dead, he won’t be the brain behind the actual words the synthesized voice outputs. While with Ebert, he’s not physically speaking, it’s still his words and thoughts.

  8. Ok lets let Harry RIP. I think alot of people would be freaked out if we started using something like that. Lets memorialize him and move on. Who is the best or most enjoyed CURRENT (i.e. LIVING) announcer?

  9. I watch the game, turn down the sound & listen to Scott Franske & Larry Anderson on the radio broadcast..once you get them synced, it’s the only way to go if you’re not at the game..

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