Whoa! Everybody is Turning on Werth

The other day, we took a couple shots at Werth, his attitude, and his behavior towards the fans and media. We got a lot of flak for it.  And perhaps we overstepped our bounds, saying he was "no longer a fan favorite."  But we've received and seen many negative comments about Werth that you couldn't find two months ago, and we thought they were worth noting, as was his 4 AM gambling.

It's news when a guy goes from hero to heel in 60 days.  Part of it is because of his on field struggles, most of it in fact, but there are a slew of other nuggets that are beginning to pile up.  They paint a picture of a guy that is not what we have come to expect from the Phillies over the last few years.

Well, here's another one.

Mandy Housenick from the Allentown Morning Call just wrote a brief article about Werth, saying:

I'm by no means saying the Phillies should trade Werth because of how he
treats the media. I'm saying that his problems go way beyond the way he
is with us. He said the F-word to that fan the other day, he hardly
looks like he cares out on the field and believe me, many other things
go on, that as reporters, we can't talk about.

Yikes.  That's from someone sees him on a daily basis.  We're not going to opine anymore, but when a guy is struggling, and everyday there is a new story about his character, well, it's not good. 


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  1. Werth is struggling. It’s as simple as that. When guys struggle it puts them in a bad mood and makes them snippy with the media. Now if J-Werth were being a bratty A-hole when things were rolling for him, then that’s another story. But with each strike out looking with RISP, Werth is losing money. That’s gotta make him cranky.

  2. “believe me, many other things go on, that as reporters, we can’t talk about.”
    aka I’m a hack reporter with nothing to report
    This site is lame, as are these dumb Werth posts.

  3. You make fun of me, yet you sources for news are twiter and emails. News are reporting somethig people don’t know, not linking other’s peoples webists, blogs, twiter, and yahoo.

  4. “Things” that she can’t talk about:
    Werth won’t sleep with her and she’s upset about it

  5. Frank, did you know about his 4 AM gambling before today? 90% of news is outlets reporting something somebody else found. it’s how it works with all mediums. you’re not smart.
    you think newspapers and tv stations report stuff they found? or stuff people tipped them off to (SOURCES), or they found elsewhere. get a clue.

  6. His “4am gambling” was either 3am, if not much earlier. You linked to some guy’s twitter (who that is, I have no idea) yet I don’t see the post you’re referencing at said link.

  7. Right it’s called being a medium. News channels don’t report other stations news. If you had a reporter at the casino, then that’s ok, but if you link other peoples stuff, thats called being a hub (read STEALING) You site remind me of ebaumsworld. He would steal content from albinosheep and other people website. You are linking twiter without permission.

  8. leave jason werth alone! the whole damn team is struggling right now! as much as love ibanez lets face it he aint gettin any younger. at the end of the season, ruin tomorrow i mean ruben ammorow needs to get rid of Raul, let dominic brown take his spot and keep werth. that will be a sick outfield. werth, brown and victorino! LEAVE JASON ALONE!

  9. i actually spoke with the guy who played poker with them rich/frank. so, that’s not stealing. we reported it. he told us. i’m not sure what else i could have done, other than flying to st. louis and sitting in the casino. read the article, no one else had that. yeah, everyone had the tweet, we interviewed the guy who was there.

  10. you’re right about the post taken down, that’s why we screen shotted it. everybody was linking to it and he probably got freaked out.

  11. Spending all this time running Werth out of town is a waste of life. The guy is a top quality player. Leave him alone.

  12. what a stupid story, some woman that writes for the morning call putting her two cents in as if anyone cares about her opinion. i’d be willing to bet that she doesnt know the first thing about baseball. Ohhhh he said the f word to a fan that deserved it,,,gee if he didnt care about playing when on the field then i dont think he would have told that moron to stay the f out of his way. “and believe me, many other things go on, that as reporters, we can’t talk about”. PATHETIC!

  13. By the way your story about Charlie not having a ride after the all-star game was BS as well. That picture was from the home run derby. Do you just make stuff up?

  14. Ok let’s chill out. Mandy is a sports reporter in my area, she does not see jayson on a daily basis. She’s the leading sports reporter for high school sports. Not to mention who listens to a woman talk about sports? Unless its coming out of michelle beadles mouth (who is just great to look at). Anyway I’m on werthlesses case like everyone else, but let’s be real, its not all on him. If we were still dominating during this horrid stretch, it wouldn’t be a big deal.

  15. Who the hell cares if he was gambling at 4 am EASTERN TIME? He isnt on Eastern time. And even if he was WHO CARES! He is an adult ! The next game wasnt for what…. like…. 16 hours? The guy isnt allowed to relax and have fun on his off time? Get a life!

  16. use need to chill on kyle scott…he isnt completely wrong..werth isnt producing thats a fact. a player in his situation should keep a low profile..and im not sayin becuase he is playing bad he isnt allowed to do anything, im saying for his own good…regardless of whether he is a phillie or not he is selling himself right now. With his poor play and recent behavoir, it doesnt look so good for him..I think thats what these articles are supposed to portray.

  17. and kenny…if he wrote about the lebron signing would he be plagiarizing espn or other writers?…just cause its the same story doesnt mean its plagiarism, he doesnt use any of the same sentences or descriptions. its a popular topic in philly right now, people are gonna write about it…relax

  18. kenny, you’re insulting mine (and your own) intelligence. this article was posted BEFORE the 700 level’s. check the timestamp on the first comment on each. you probably will argue that, but believe me, i was the first one who wrote this. and to tyler’s point, yeah, it’s a popular story, a bunch of places are going to have it.
    so A) your theory of reporting other reporters works being wrong, kind of goes out the window, since clearly you read the 700 level and they do the same thing
    and B) you should double check your facts before accusing someone else, because ours was posted ahead of the 700 level’s.
    also, check our post from sunday addressing the same issue. https://www.crossingbroad.com/2010/07/jayson-werth.html

  19. To “blace r”…maybe you need to do your homework and figure out where you’ve been the last two years and actually try keep up with what’s going on in your hometown paper.
    Nasty comments about being a woman writing sports aside (that’s not even worth addressing)….But I’ve been the Phillies full-time beat writer for The Morning Call for two years. Covered nearly every home game last year, a bunch of road games and I traveled throughout the whole postseason. Still with the team full-time this year. I haven’t covered HS sports since the fall of 2008.
    I’ve been in the clubhouse more times this month than games you’ve probably been to this year. I think I’ve been around Werth a little more than you have.

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