Your Daily Trade Rumor: Tom Verducci sort of, kind of thinks the Phillies Will Land Oswalt

SI's Tom Verducci weighed in on the Roy Oswalt rumors today.  He appeared on the Dan Patrick Show, saying that he wouldn't be shocked to see Oswalt pitching for the Phils this weekend, after noting that it's still not Oswalt's first choice (something we reported previously).

Verducci then wrote a column about how the Phillies had considered trading Jayson Werth to the Yankees and bringing Dan Haren here, as part of a three-team deal.  Haren, of course, is now with the Angels. Verducci says the Phillies are just itching to make a pitching move and that Oswalt is still very much their target.

Last year's trade for Cliff Lee was a rare example of a deadline deal paying dividends for a team in the postseason.  Lee was 4-0 and the Phillies won all five of his starts, including two World Series games, in the playoffs.

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  1. I think he was saying they don’t pay dividends for the team trading the aces – what they get in return. Not what the aces provide for their new teams.

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