Your (now hourly) Roy Oswalt Update

According to, Roy Oswalt does not want to play for the Phillies.

Oswalt does not want to go to the Phillies in a trade, a source with direct knowledge of his thinking said Monday.

I'm not sure what a person with "direct knowledge of his thinking" means.  A friend?  His wife?  A wizard?

But still, this comes as no surprise.  Last week, we reported reported that Oswalt didn't want to play in a large media market.  And earlier today, we mentioned that another source said he didn't want to play for a "big time" team like the Yankees.

The story goes on to say that a deal for Oswalt appears less likely because of his, and the Astros', demands.

It sounds like Oswalt would prefer pitching in obscurity down in Houston.  And that's just fine.


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  1. I still say we try to pry Shaun Marchum from the BlueJays, keep Werth & Happ, designate Kendrick, and figure out a way to get D. Brown up this year. Maybe let Raul play off the bench and hope he finds his bat for the post-season.

  2. what a fucking pussy, have fun losing 15 plus games this year you biggity bitch

  3. What a pussy! You play in a major sport and you dont want a media???? Are you KIDDING?

  4. Fuck him!!! He wants to he the “star” in town it sounds like…stand out by hanging with the likes of David Carr ? He’s a Dick let him rot away in “the lone star” state 🙂

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