I'm not sure what is more shocking, the fact that Carts doesn't have a drink in his hand, or the that he's not hanging out with Napolean's army.

Here's Jeff recently photographed with local construction worker, Donny Campbell.  Surprising, because this dude actually seems pretty normal. 

Carts rocking the DNA especiale t-shirt here.  Speaking of DNA (seamless transition, boom), we found an entire forum that is dedicated to fornicating with him.  See that North Korea, this is the goodness you're missing out on.

The forum is made up mostly of local girls who are facsincated with Carts, and a few who have been Carter'd themselves.  Our favorite line?

i would say his unit is umm…. long, thick, and ahhh well lets say i wouldn't think that a white male would have the size he has…  but he isn't much for romancing ya know. just like a wham… shove it in, give it a go, and hey whats ur name , thanks lets do this again- kinda thing. never heard back from him.

Wait, wait, wait.  He does take names?  I'm shocked.

There's more of that, and general debate over the merits of whoring and women's liberation.  Jeff just envokes that sort of intellectual discord.

And now, here he is at a New Year's Party.


On a serious note, Carter is participating in Mike Richards Celebrity Golf Tournament in Canada today… kudos to him and his teammates for taking time off from beer and women to play golf.