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Right off the Packer Ave. exit of 95 via Kevin Cooney (@kevincooney)

Two Phillies debuted their newest endorsements this week (I think, some people are telling me this Ryan Howard commercial is old?).  He continued his relationship with Subway- starring in another commercial with Jared, who, by the way, has to have a CK model-like obsession with body image.  It's literally the only reason he is relevant.   Anyway, apparently Ry How isn't a Bee Arthur fan.  Truth.

And then we have Chooch.

Philadelphia based energy drink company, Cintron, has hired Ruiz to capitalize on his Panamanian cuteness.  I don't actually have words to describe how awesome a giant Chooch billboard is, other than to say that it clearly worked, since we're talking about it.  Well played, Cintron people.

But I must say, I'm a little disappointed.  I kind of always wanted to see Chooch in a Verizon commercial.  Let's set the scene:

Chooch calls someone on AT&T and they have no idea what he's saying in his typical broken English.  Then, Verizon guys comes by, hands him a phone, and BOOM, perfect Queen's English.

This dream will live on.  Chooch will walk off.  But I don't think we will ever see him in any TV spots.

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