Cowboys Fan Creates a Cheer, Forthcoming Evidence in a Texas Shooting Spree

There is absolutely something wrong with this guy.  We may have actually found a Cowboys fan more disturbing than BlueStarShockTrooper.

Check out "Matthias" (German for Matthew, meaning "gift of the lord") and his new, ultra disturbing Cowboys song.  It's like the Old Spice guy and George Sodini had a love child.

Why is he shaking his hips like that?  Why?  Clearly worse than Howard Eskin obsessed Eagles fan– that was at least G-rated.

Bonus video of OSG and Sodini after the jump.

H/T to reader Chris Olley and Deadspin.


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  1. Matthias reminds me of a brunette version of the guy who gives Steve Buscemi the woodchipper treatment in Fargo:

    Or, the same actor who portrays Karl Hungus, the Logjammin’ nihilist in The Big Lebowski:

    Get it? Logjammin’? Woodchipper? The Coen Brothers are BRILLIANT!

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