Ed_stefanskiNice to see that kid is already taking fashion advice from Jeff Carter

Can you guess which GM will be out of a job soon?

Hint: one brought Chris Pronger on board to lead his team to the Stanely Cup Final and is working dilligently this off-season to put them over the threshold of greatness.

The other hired Eddie Jordan.

The Sixers held their annual Beach Bash in Avalon on Saturday for their legions of fans.  Ya know, because nothing says NBA ball like a nice afternoon in Avalon- really it hits their key demographic.

Stefanski, Evan Turner, the Sixers dancers, and Hip Hop all turned out to enter… wait, Hip Hop?  I swear to god, if someone doesn't kill that rat soon, I'm going to drive down there myself and throw him in the ocean.


black guys don't know how to hold hockey sticks

Nothing says basketball like a giant oversized rat with a bandana who jumps on a trampoline.  And yeah, I get the rap reference.