The Flyers will unveil their new road jerseys on Sept. 17th, but, uh, you’ve seen them before.  They will wear the same white throwback sweaters they wore at the Winter Classic in January.  Win.

Not sure why this change didn’t happen last winter.  They did it with the orange throwbacks, it was only a matter of time for the white (I still have trouble calling white the road jerseys).  The jersey will obviously be lacking the Winter Classic logo, but it appears that everything else will remain the same.

The white jerseys they had been wearing were part of the new Reebok Edge design.  The cut will remain modern on the throwbacks, but the style closely resembles the old-style jerseys.  Unlike the Sixers, who are a complete FAIL with their updated throwbacks– which look way too much like Clippers jerseys, even with the 2010 update.

Jeff Carter?  He doesn’t need a shirt.


Yo, Captain Highpants.

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