Leonard Weaver is somewhat known for his rather concise Twitter updates (see "The game was a great game. The young guys pulled it off." and "My stomach is hurting from the chicken I hurt too….."). So when we saw his Twitter rant in response to this tweet from @phillygm711, we had to celebrate the occasion.


Leonard put this dude in his place, but you're going to have to get over the jump to see it.  It's not quite as tolerant as Ryan Howard.

Let's set something straight here phillygm711, I don't know who you think your meeting at like that bro but you better get your mind right.

If somebody wants to honor me for whatever then they can. And as far as lasting went, its not the season, mistakes will happen.

That's why they call it the preseason.

So before opening your mouth and trying to dis somebody, get your stuff together.

And stop making demands about a sport that you probably couldn't play if you tried.

Your a freakin joke…..

Hey fellow tweeters we as players can take and even apreicate criticism to the upmost. However don't doubt but believe.

The Philadelphia Eagles are.going to be alright this year. Just be patient and wait.

Remember the season is a marathon, not a Sprint.

@phillygm711's response?  Tail.  Between.  Legs.


Full disclosure: Leonard Weaver does a lot of charity work and is usually good to his fans, but this was awesome.