Ryan Howard Just Gets The Philly Fans

The Big Piece fits in so well here.

Yesterday, Evan Turner joined a conference call with several local bloggers (we were not invited, likely because our Sixers coverage is, uh, honest), and the fine folks over at The700Level.com brought us this little gem from Turner about Ryan Howard:

"He said you gotta compare Philly to like a big brother…some days he's gonna like you and some days he might not like you, but he still loves you, and it's all about what you do and how you do things…but it's always having the support, no matter what."


Finally, an athlete who just "gets it."  Even when asshole bloggers write about his sprained ankle exploits at Dorney Park, it's because we care.

Now, about that 3 for 24 slump…


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  1. i thought it was 3 for 34? unacceptable either way, but the second number makes it juicier.

  2. The reason you were not invited was because you are not a top blog. You couldn’t hold the 700 level’s jock. Don’t lie and say it’s because of your Sixers coverage.

  3. Scott, I read the 700 level and it’s biased garbage with maybe a hint of intelligent sport talk.
    And basketball isn’t a sport, it’s a hobby. 🙂

  4. can you write an article on how Hugh Douglas needs to disappear. good god this guy is the worst with his “analysis”

  5. Loki
    The 700 level started before the word “blog” became part of everyday conversation. They were the first Philly sports blog, and since they started all these imitators have come out. It upsets me that Crossing Broad has the gall to mention its name in the same sentence as 700. They are insulting our intelligence by saying that he wasn’t invited due to content. That is not the reason at all.

  6. Push come to shove, they’re all blogs who fail to get their own information. No one blog is better than the other either way. They read something on one site and post it on theirs, either as their own info, or link the source.
    So that “gall” you speak of is about as important as comparing e-penis.

  7. Hey Scott, check out readerships, other than the aforementioned blog, no other all-sports Philly sports blog gets as many views as Crossing Broad.
    And check out our interviews with Brent Celek and Mitch Williams.

  8. Saying you’re second in philly sports blogs is like saying you came in second in a boxing match.
    Your blog is 80% other peoples content (twitter, youtube, other wesbites) 10% original content and 10% reader contribution.
    Ask yourself this, if youtube and twitter didn’t exist, would your blog? That’s what i thought.

  9. This Scott guy is a total douchebag! go read the 700 level! and it doesnt matter about the content, as most stories are “shared” by just about every blog, its the sense of humor, the point of view and opinions that set them apart. And because of that CB is my daily read! if you dont like this site then leave, and go polish K-rods balls you pricks!

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