Ryan_howard_dorneyAll the white girls are checking out the Big Piece

That sprained ankle will be just fine, Ryan.  Keep it wrapped and elevated, take Advil to reduce swelling, and trips to Dorney Park as needed.

Shane Victorino is busy urging kids not to text and drive while he's on the shelf.  Chase Utley is feverishly getting himself back into game shape.  And both have been in the dugout supporting the team.  Howard and his badly sprained ankle?  Movies, Best Buy, and strolling around Dorney Park.

The Big Piece spent the better part of Monday at Allentown's greatest amusement park.

That's like the normal person equivalent of calling out of work with carpel tunnel and being seen playing whack-a-mole at your nearest Dave and Buster's.  Doesn't fly.

Our best comment comes from reader Steve Shaw, who said, "if there's no pain after 4-6 weeks, maybe we can get Howard into a rehab stint at Six Flags."


Pics via (@bshure2) and (@ellietepper) on Twitter.  One more after the jump.