Ryan Howard Continues to Rest His Ankle at Dorney Park

Ryan_howard_dorneyAll the white girls are checking out the Big Piece

That sprained ankle will be just fine, Ryan.  Keep it wrapped and elevated, take Advil to reduce swelling, and trips to Dorney Park as needed.

Shane Victorino is busy urging kids not to text and drive while he's on the shelf.  Chase Utley is feverishly getting himself back into game shape.  And both have been in the dugout supporting the team.  Howard and his badly sprained ankle?  Movies, Best Buy, and strolling around Dorney Park.

The Big Piece spent the better part of Monday at Allentown's greatest amusement park.

That's like the normal person equivalent of calling out of work with carpel tunnel and being seen playing whack-a-mole at your nearest Dave and Buster's.  Doesn't fly.

Our best comment comes from reader Steve Shaw, who said, "if there's no pain after 4-6 weeks, maybe we can get Howard into a rehab stint at Six Flags."


Pics via (@bshure2) and (@ellietepper) on Twitter.  One more after the jump.



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  1. Today was an off day guys … aren’t you allowed to play on your off days ?? hahaha

  2. Kyle Scott you are an IDIOT. Were you picked on as a child, were the last one picked for teams? Get a life loser

  3. I got up to him and asked for an autograph and he said it was family time and walked away, but damn he is big in real life!

  4. this isnt like going to the movies. this is just dumb. walking around all day. you cant play the “he is a regular person too” card on this one. There are high school athletes that take care of their injuries more responsibly then this. Its his profession, and if i were his teammate i would be dissapointed aswell.

  5. 1) Hey, it’s an off day for everybody
    2) He was the one working while the rest of the team took a nap on the field in June
    3) When you roll your ankle like that, there’s not much you can do but take it easy and walk on it to strengthen it up again. I stress walk, not run or anything really strenuous. If he’s not back to seriously by the end of the week, then I’ll be worried about him physically or mentally

  6. This blog is terrible, just start working for TMZ if you wanna stalk people. They are human for chrissakes, it’s a freakin off day.

  7. The idiots in this town such as Kyle Scott amaze me.
    For one, it was his off day. I missed the memo that ball players are not allowed to have family time on off days.
    Two, anyone who knows anything about ankle sprains knows that you can walk on them, and in some cases are told to walk on them to build strength, pain tolerance, etc. So it’s likely Howard got clearance from his docs to do this. Plus, he’s still wearing his protective boot which gives him stability.
    Nice reporting job here. No wonder you don’t work for a credible media outlet and instead are run a 5th rate blog.

  8. Ty and all the other haters,
    Why do you read his blog if you hate on it so much? You’re not reading a blog for Real Sports. You’re reading a fun Philly Sports. He’s reporting that Ryan Howard went to Dorney Park and he’s concerned about his condition and the success of the Phils. Form your own opinions on Ryan Howard but why insult the messenger?

  9. i kno a thing or two about ankle sprains. and yes you are supposed to walk on them but only to a degree, and certain excersizes as directed by the doctor..i doubt the doctor advised him to walk around dorney for strengthening it. a day of walking around dorney is not smart to recover an ankle no matter what your profession is. i dont care if it was his off day.

  10. Yeah, I have a problem with this. Not the visit to the park per se, but the visit when you add it to the idea that he’s not at the games, he doesn’t travel with the team, he’s not in the dugout during home games…this guy gets his ass kissed far too much.
    On top of this, I still remember him sitting next to Jimmy Rollins on ESPN, nodding in agreement while Rollins insulted us to a national audience.

  11. Give him a break. It’s kind of hard for a physically active man to “take a break” by not walking or doing anything.

  12. I am not a Philly sports fan and this is why!!! People from Philly need a life!!! and as active as that city is, you would think they have bettwer things to do. Howard isnt running a marathon!!!!! MORONS!!Most of you screw the gov’t on a daily basis!! GET A LIFE. It is amazing the things people will bitch about. GET A JOB AND A LIFE

  13. WHY Philadelphia has sports at all is mind blowing. The only word any of them can spell is a bird and they dont p ay their athletes anything and they loved mcnubby and he finally wised upand gave you all the finger!! Ms. Welker moved on to the big time unlike the rest of you (Vai) Philadelphia is part of the reason this country is totally screwed . Dude was just standing in line! MORONS


  15. Everyone is so self righteous sometimes it amazes me. Someone stated that if he can walk around then he should be playing. There is a HUGE difference between playing professional baseball and walking around an amusement park. To even make the two equivelent is just asinine. It’s probably better for him to elevate his leg as well as giving it occasional exercise. We saw a clip of him standing around and talking, we did NOT get confirmation that he had been standing on it all day long or anything else he had done that day. If the man has time off to rehabilitate his leg, let him walk around and exercise it where he wants to.

  16. Are these the best pictures they got? Ryan is NOT doing anything wrong!! He is walking or standing. He is not on a roller coaster, or some kind of rough ride that bounces you all around. I’m sure if he was, this knucklehead person with the camera that has no life, would be taking pictures of that instead.
    I’m sure Ryan was sitting down at times too, but did they take pictures of that? NOPE!!
    This camera person is just a trouble maker. The camera person seems like a stalker. I sure hope they weren’t taking pictures of children too.

  17. I cannot believe people have nothing better to do than worry about Ryan Howard spending time having some fun. Leave the man alone and let him enjoy some fun time. You go Ryan we all love you!

  18. This is a completely useless post. I’m sorry I wasted my time reading it.
    Like you know what is good for his ankle. Get a life.

  19. Half of you didn’t know that it was a off day, so he can pretty much to whatever he wnats. Hes with his family. I never knew that there was a rule that said you can’t spend time with your familys on off days. And you are suppost to walk on your ankle to strengthen it up, its not like he was running or anything. Soo all you people that said stuff about him not being at homee or being with his team need to be quiet because one its an off day and two he can walk on it

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