Ryan Howard is off crutches and walking with just a mild limp and tape on this ankle.

How do I know?

Well, you know how excited you were last night when the Phils came from behind in a dramatic 8th inning to beat the Mets 7-5?  I, for one, was at my beach house rooting the Phillies on, getting a little misty eyed from Mike Sweeney's boyish enthusiasm.

Howard?  He was food shopping.

Reader Kevin Wilson tells us that Howard was at the Whole Foods in Plymouth Meeting around 8:00 with his girlfriend, Krystle Campbell.  Howard lives in nearby Blue Bell.  He was sans crutches and pushing a shopping cart, so that's good.  But his ankle was taped, according to Wilson.

The Big Piece is on the DL and he's not required to be at the game, but it's a home series against a division rival over alumni weekend- maybe like show up for a few innings?

A Whole Foods employee confirmed Wilson's observation on his Facebook profile.  He said he shook Howard's hand and let him know the Phils were winning.  Awesome.

Luckily, he was just across the parking lot from the AMC Plymouth Meeting 12 so he could take in Inception at 10:30- according to several tweets and readers.


Others report seeing him at the Roxxy Night Club in Center City later on.

Now, let's compare.  Chase Utley?  At the game, watching, rooting.  He even traveled with the team.  Howard?  Food shopping near his house so he can catch a 10:30 movie across the parking lot.

Maybe a little support from The Big Piece during the stretch run would be nice.  Or least maybe watch the game?