ZOMG! Ryan Howard Can Walk!

Rare footage of the Phillies slugger shows him walking under his own power.  It's a miracle, folks.

Reader "Mario" sent us this video of Ryan Howard pushing his kart after at trip to Best Buy on Saturday with his girlfriend, Krystle Campbell.  Shouldn't she be at practice?

You can watch the video after the jump, there's not much to it, but it does show Howard walking rather smoothly before he gets into his Bentley.  That ankle looks just fine.  My only problem?  It was at 6:30 on Saturday- GO TO THE GAME!

I'm warning you now, there's a high degree of stalkitude here.  At least he didn't hurl a banana at him…

I'm done with the bad N64 puns, too.

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24 Responses

  1. I agree with Mudd. It’s not like he’s contagious or anything? Go to the game. Show your team support. Every player on the DL was there at the game.. Utley, Victorio, Moyer… but not Howard. It sucks!Plus, it was alumni weekend. Guess the former Phillies greats doesn’t impress Howard much?

  2. 1. that was a bentley not a aston martin even my 6 year old nephew knows the difference.
    2. chase hurt his hand ryan hurt his ankle a foul ball comes screaming in the dugout ryan suddenly moves tweaks the injury then everyone is screaming why is he there in the first place.
    3. that vid was very stalker-ish especially the way he is circling the parking lot over and over again.

  3. we already corrected the aston martin reference- another reader had informed us he was seen in an aston martin on sunday.
    and if you think he’s not in the dugout for safety reason- ur insane.

  4. @Kyle if you think him being in the dugout adds or takes away from team morale you are more insane.
    when howard marries the professional sports groupie then he will want to spend more time with the team while on the DL like Chase, Jimmy and Shane do.

  5. dwayne, what does that even mean? I guess Howard isn’t married yet, but he’s DATING AN EAGLES CHEERLEADER!

  6. the longer you are married the less time you want to spend around you wife… why do you think Farve wants to keep playing.
    Howard is not just dating a Eagles Cheerleader he is dating a professional groupie he is not her first boyfriend who played professional sports.

  7. do dwayne, let me ge this straight. you’re saying ryan howard wants to stay at home to have sex with his cheerleader girlfriend, but the other guys go to games to get away from their wives?
    maybe him being there doesn’t add morale. but i’d like to see a guy who cares enough to at least watch the game.

  8. loll at dwayne’s comments – if it were the case that a foul ball could further injure howard, then shouldn’t every other player be concerned too? maybe they should all sit in the dugout wearing helmets, shin pads, etc. he should be at the games to support his team.

  9. Muddzk, didn’t you hear they are planning on turning the home dugout at Citizens Bank Park into a bunker? They’ll have airlocks and 10-ft reinforced concrete walls to make sure that foul balls pose no risk to our players.

  10. My favorite about this whole thing is how he can’t even sign a baseball for the perfectly nice fan who politely asked him. Who does he think pays his humongous salary?

  11. Hey C you and the guy in the clip should leave the autograph seeking to the children. Buying authenticated collectibles is one thing but just seeking an autograph because you see a player in the streets is something different imo.

  12. i wasn’t going to call him out for not signing the autograph because i’ve already been killed when i suggested that with werth. i understand you can’t sign em all, but come on, take a second and sign the damn ball- or go to the game! ok, im done.

  13. The guy was even asking for an autograph for his kid. Like Ryan Howard couldn’t take a break from putting some of his newly-purchased, expensive electronic equipment into his car, which the fans practically purposed, to sign 1 autograph. It’s not like he was drawing a crowd; there was 1 guy! This is not a vacation. He’s still getting paid; would he like a break from that, too?

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