Lisa Hillary Takes Over as CSN’s Flyers Reporter


There is a real good chance Jeff Carter will be granting more locker room interviews this year.  Lisa Hillary will replace John Boruk as CSN’s on-air Flyers reporter.  Male fan golf clap.

Hillary will join CSN Philly from CSN Washington, where she covered the Capitals.  This change had been rumored, as Boruk’s Twitter account (@csnflyer) mysteriously disappeared.  This is in no way to insinuate that he will be leaving CSN, more likely just moving into a different role- perhaps spending more time on the Eagles and behind the desk. has significantly more on the change.

Video of Hillary's encounter with a rat after the jump.  Don't worry, Lisa, we're trying to get rid of the giant rat at the Wells Fargo Center.


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16 Responses

  1. sucks u only make fun of jeff… u should start broadening ur horizons- talk about someone who everyone knows sucks at life

  2. don’t worry, i’m putting my best carts foot forward tomorrow. we’ve called out a bunch of local people (lou williams, leonard weaver, werth, howard, victo) for doing thing we don’t like. fact of the matter is, jeff is notorious for this stuff. the amount of mentions is directly proportional to the content out there on him.

  3. She’s getting replaced in DC by Jill Sorenson, who’s been covering DC sports for a few of years, particularly their NBC affiliate:
    No offense to Hilary, but I wished Jill came to Philly instead. With a name like Sorenson and being from Minnesota, she’s gotta be a Lutheran. You know what they say about Lutheran girls, Kyle: They’re “looser-than” Catholic girls.

  4. that jill person looks like a younger clone of tracy davidson. we don’t need two of them.
    i like boruk though, this kinda sucks. oh well, on-air reporters are pretty interchangeable.

  5. It’s a shame, I’m going to miss John Boruk. I liked his coverage of the Flyers. I’ll also always remember the video montage he narrated the day of Harry Kalas’ death. Hope all things go well for him.

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