Phillies Get Ryan Howard a Roll-A-Bout

Roll_a_bout_ryan_howardSource: Ryan Lawrence (@ryanlawrence21).

Yo, he can totally bring this on his rehab stint to Six Flags!

The Phillies had some fun at Ryan Howard's expense today- probably because all those bloggers won't get off his case.  Placed at the Big Piece's locker?  A Roll-A-Bout.

The Patented design of the Original Roll-A-Bout is a modern solution to the "age-old" crutch.  We have designed the answer to mobility on one foot.  Those who have lost the ability to walk due to a lower leg injury benefit greatly from the SAFETY, STABILITY and COMFORT of the Roll-A-Bout.


It's also good for walking horses and shit.

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4 Responses

  1. Congratulations, Kyle: You beat a dead horse to death. Maybe you should go see a shrink for some sort of obsessive compulsive disorder or something. Nobody else has obsessed on Howard’s lifestyle on the DL as much as–and as poorly as–you have. This blog is turning into bush league amateur bullshit. Sean Avery’s Sunglasses ( ) is more substantive at this current point in time.

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