Shut Up Wheels: Chris Wheeler Meets a Lady

Chris_wheeler_meets_womanIf you just cup it like so…

No doubt Tom McCarthy is doing his Chris Griffin laugh as he gestures towards the object of Muff's lust.

Check out the wave- beyond creepy.  There's a lip lick in there too.  Just bring her humus, Chris.

Video after the jump.

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16 Responses

  1. just gotta ask why EVERY single post from this site is something NEGATIVE….I know that is the Philly stereotype, but damn, you don’t have to fit into it so well….I’ve been following this site for a few months now, and between the hijacked Roy Halladay profile on facebook and the negativity on THIS site, makes me want to be disassociated with Philadelphia all together…

  2. every post is not something negative. we try to have fun and be snarky and sarcastic. a lot of what we post is tongue in cheek. there are plenty of places to get the positive plain old news. we realize it’s not for everybody, but we’re trying to have fun with it.

  3. Get a life people. Crossing Broad makes you laugh. They are just trying to have fun. Stop being a lame ass.

  4. I did think it was a good observation on Kyle’s part. But I can’t figure out what creeps me out more (besides Wheels actions)–he fact that Kyle captured the video by pointing his camcorder at the TV set, or that he has that Très Gay song on his iPod.

  5. “Chris just informed everyone at start of 8th that game was over, showing no faith…T-mac joined in by offering some BREAKING news, saying the Phils will have another shot in the 9th, if they dont get the runs in the 8th…REALLY??? Since when is it a 9 inning game??? They are both a joke and the worst in MLB..believe me, I listen to 100 games a week, these two are BY FAR the worse….

  6. Brownie, in my market I got to watch the game on MLBN with Costas and Verducci. Even though they were kinda-sorta la-la-loving-it for 7.5 innings, it was such a refreshing break from Phillie’s own Laurel and Hardy.
    And, oh yeah…
    To think I almost switched the game off at the end of the top of the 8th.
    Then I said, “Oh well, might as well stick with it so I can continue my new favorite pastime: cursing the Philly bullpen.”
    Then I said, “Hey, no problem. All they need is 4 runs in the bottom of the 8th and 4 more in the 9th.”
    And guess what happened? I’m so blissfully wasted right now…

  7. Didnt even get a break last night as The Sarge was in the radio booth all night…9 IININGS OF WHHELS an TMac?!?!?!?! SERIOUSLY???? I was ready to hammer nails into my ears!!!! When will something be done…all these great Phillies moments in time and announcers are ruining it!!!! Harry had to call BAD teams and STILL made you wanna listen…imagine this crew calling a losing team….Please PHILLIES..FIND SOMEBODY NEW!!!!!!!

  8. Does Chris Wheeler know everything? Sure sounds like he does..very irritating to hear him make comments such as “what Charley is thinking and his next move”. This is but one example of his comments. Myself and my friends agree “Wheels” should be quiet. What is his background that makes him such an expert??

  9. this is why i am so happy i have a dvr and can pause for the ridiculous 30 second delay that 1210 has and listen too franzke and la ,while i watch the game, i have been unable to take chris wheeler since the 70s

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