So Your iPhone Might Actually Work at Citizen’s Bank Park

AT&T said that they have installed a fix to their network to increase coverage at Citizen's Bank Park.

So does this mean I won't have to go into the second level bathroom (where my phone inexplicably seemed to work) to tweet?

AT&T says the fix is in place for tonight's game and has been tested during the road trip.  Right, because they can accurately replicate 45k people texting "choooooooooch" at the same time.

Going down tonight?  Let us know how it works.  Send us an email from the game…

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10 Responses

  1. I wonder if in the same process they seemed to have F-ed up the service in my house. I live next to the airport andin my house I went from 5 bars to 1 bar on Aug 1st. Been like that ever since. Urghhh

  2. Verizon has some issues as well. Sometimes I won’t get any service for hours at a time in the stadium.

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