The Phillies Traded Cliff Lee for a Guy with a Coke Problem

Tyson_gilliesSource: AP

UPDATE:  He left it in a cop car.


You know that moment you've been waiting for- the one where something goes horribly wrong with one of the prospects the Phillies got in return for Cliff Lee- so you could prove, even with the addition of Oswalt, that the trade was a mistake?

Well, it's here.

Tyson Gillies, probably the second ranked prospect out of the three the Phillies received for Lee, was arrested for cocaine possession, early this morning in Clearwater.  Gillies is legally deaf and was found at a La Quinta Inn (oh how cliche) near the Phillies spring training complex.  The Phillies acknowledged the arrest, but had no further comment.

But yo, he's got a great upside!

Cliff Lee.


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  1. Right up there with that pitcher they signed a few years back that had a major injry and were not aware of it.

  2. Now the “he didn’t hear the cops coming” jokes just made me lose it. I didn’t know he was deaf. OMG this story is so great. He had the hotel and the blow, just needed the hoes and this would be a perfect story. Minus the fact this extends the cryign about Lee well into next year.

  3. well at least gillies might have a reason other than talent for underachieving this year hahaha.

  4. On a plus side I bet we could trade him to the Mets since a player like this would be an upgrade for them at this point…

  5. haha nice chris!!!
    well this is just great! Not the many people were expecting him to anything great anyway! Just another reason to add to the list of reason why trading cliff lee sucks!

  6. Great. Happened in June and since then I have seen the R-Phils TV spot with this felon in it MULTIPLE times! Nice job Phils.

  7. Not really cliche that he was at the La Quinta since that is where the Phillies minor league players who play in Clearwater live. A fact that maybe someone who blogs about the Phillies should know…

  8. Christina, that is a rather obscure fact that wasn’t even mentioned in the Inquirer, but well played. Still, cliche to be arrested for coke at a florida motel.

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