Oh, because he left a bag of cocaine in the back seat of a cop car.

Cliff Lee, who the Phillies traded for Gillies and other prospects, has mental lapses too.  He almost got lost on his way to a dominating Game 1 performance in the World Series.  Gillies left drugs in a police cruiser after he was spotted waving a white shirt on the side of the highway, upon his departure from the Freaky Tiki bar.  Those things are the same, right?  [Philly.com]

A patrol officer witnessed Gillies standing on the shoulder of Route 19 near Enterprise Blvd. in Clearwater at 3:24 a.m. Gillies was waving a white shirt at passing motorists. The patrol officer stopped to speak with Gillies and noticed he was intoxicated.

Gillies told the officer he was waving the shirt so his friends could see him. He told the officer he was trying to find a way back to his hotel down the street after spending several hours at Freaky Tiki, a nearby bar.

The officer asked Gillies if he had enough money for a taxi to take him back to the hotel. He did not, so the officer offered a courtesy ride for Gillies.

After the officer dropped Gillies off at the La Quinta, where he was also staying in June, he noticed a bag of white powder on the back-seat floor of the police cruiser. The officer stopped Gillies, took down his information and told him the bag would be sent to a lab for testing and he could be charged in the future.


The test was positive and he was arrested earlier today.

That Gillies, just always forgetting stuff.  Ya know, if his head wasn't attached… Gilly!

Cliff Lee.