You “bet your sweet ass” Jimmy Rollins Can Still Hit

Jayson Werth told a funny story about a comment Charlie Manuel made recently, when he was asked if Jimmy Rollins could still hit.

Yep, we put it on a t-shirt already.  Get it here at, only $15.  It's much better than the "Ill" shirts.


16 Responses

  1. Blanton setting a record for how many times you can say “you know” in a 30 second interview.

  2. maybe you should make a tshirt wit hjoe blanton’s mugg on it that says “y’know, y’know, y’know”

  3. Great Shirt, but for $15, it should have a good ol’ pic of Cholly on the back. Oh well….I guess I can always wait until next season and get the bootleg version of it on the boardwalk for $5

  4. I see that the curse that the faggot from Phish brought with him is still around. People talking and celebrating sweet asses, go dance in a drum circle fucking hippies. I thought this was over with

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