Brad Lidge Out Until Friday

Just to temper the first-place celebration a bit, Brad Lidge was unavailable for last night’s game due to right elbow soreness.  Lidge told Todd Zolecki that it was very minor, but it is enough to keep him out of action until at least Friday.  [Zo Zone]

"We wanted to rest it today, tomorrow and an off day (Thursday). I'll definitely be back for sure on Friday. It's different from what I've had before and it's really not bad at all. Instead of trying to throw through it in pain and maybe making it worse, they wanted to give me two days.  It really is minor.  If we had blown them out tonight and maybe tomorrow night it's one of those things where I could have sneaked through the cracks."


Sneaky Brad.

As we wrote last week, the back end of the bullpen is the only real question mark that remains for the Phils as they head towards the playoffs.  Lidge had that same elbow operated on last offseason and had two cortisone shots in it earlier this year.

It might be minor, but very Worth keeping an eye on.


5 Responses

  1. I don’t know. Just get healthy and don’t suck. Or just don’t suck. Whatever it takes. I especially just don’t want to have to watch another 2-base steal again this year.

  2. Lidge Does Not suck. Half Wit. 09 was largely based on injury. How many saves did he blow this year?

  3. I have come to respect Brad Lidge, even after the ups and downs of this ’10 Season. He comes through the majority of the time but still gives up a little excitement with his unpredictability. I actually believe he says a little prayer before he heads to the mound.

  4. First of all, Chris, is Brad Lidge worth $12M? Imagine if we had a closer for $5-8M. Imagine what we could do with that extra money.
    Second of all, Lidge has blown 5 saves and saved 21, which equates to a success rate of 80.769%. He’s not awful like he was last year, but he does not inspire confidence at all. At least for the foreseeable future, there is really only one Mariano Rivera.

  5. By the way, Brad Lidge’s career save percentage is 83.398% even when you add in his awful 2009 campaign. Lidge has been better, but I don’t know. I still don’t trust him.

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