Food to Your Seat at CBP? There’s an App For That

South philly dogSadly, the South Philly Dog is not included.  Yet.

God I love technology.

There is not a day that goes by that I am not amazed by something my iPhone does.  Today is no different.

An article on the front page of the Inquirer tells us about a new app that allows you to order food and have it delivered to your seat at Citizen's Bank Park.  If you have an iPhone of iPad 3g (who the hell would bring an iPad to a game?), then you can download the newest app from MLB called "Fan Direct."  The "free" app determines your location (to make sure you're actually at the game) and allows you to choose from a selection of cheese steak, Tony Luke’s Roasted Pork, Bulls BBQ Turkey Sandwich, Planet Hoagie Italian Hoagie and Eastern Shore Crab Cake Sandwich (that info via Philly Sports Daily), all of which are served with a brownie and chips.  I love this country.


You can also order water, soda, and Bud or Bud Lite (with food).  But all of this will cost you.  An $8.50 Tony Luke's pork sandwich will run $12.50 (with brownie and chips).  No word on if the other sandwiches are from the brand name vendors, since it looks like all of the meals are prepard in a kitchen behind home plate.  Here's my plea to have the South Philly Dog added to the menu, please?

To download the app, just fire up your 2010 MLB At-Bat app and click "more."  From there you will see "at the ballpark."  Click that and choose CBP and you will see a button to launch the food ordering app.

Of course, this assumes that the iPhone will continue to work at CBP.  It was supposedly fixed earlier this year, but I had problems again on Monday night.

More on the app at


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  1. i was at the game monday, i missed all the runs scored fetching beers. here’s my plea to add more miller lite vendors cause bud light tastes like poopie and if i’m aying 7.50 for that fucker i wanna enjoy it.

  2. CoquiOX you stole the words right out of my mouth. I love the fare at the Bank but hate the damned line just to get into Ashburne Alley. They need to get moving on it.

  3. Look, I fancy myself a techie a bit. What is the problem with Apple? Literally without the iPhone I wouldn’t be able to run this site. From pics, videos, twitter, updating on phone, recording stuff, emails etc. The other night I literally recorded a press conference in my car, emailed it to myself, called one of our writers, then pushed his post live all from my phone. Not saying anything bad about the Droid, but just wondering why the Apple hate?

  4. You guys are fucking morons. Stop crying cause your pussy android phone doesn’t work. Big surprise that it has less available then the iphone.
    You’re all fucking slobs.

  5. Actually my Android phone works just fine.
    This is what I’m talking about. Kutys is your typical iPhone user that is jealous that his uber locked down and under spec’ed phone on an inferior network doesn’t do much else besides fart apps.
    I kid of course.

  6. Kyle, how could you be so heartlessly cruel? What if everybody ordered their park fare with their smart phones? Then that cute blond and that even cuter redhead that take the food orders in the seats behind home plate are out of a job. Your like those corporations that downsize for automation, or ship jobs overseas. No scruples.

  7. iPhone sucks because Apple decides what you can and can not due on YOUR phone. They actually make it illegal for you to break out of their crappy software and install your own…. I mean you due own the device don’t you?
    I genuinely hate apple because there users are, for the most part, moronic fucking douche bags. They pay twice as much for their phone/laptop then the rest of the world just to get an apple logo on the back of it. There product are sub par, can’t do half the stuff other manufacturers products can due, and cost twice as much!! And thats not even the half of it, when you consider that with apple you are only allowed to use the hardware and software that APPLE decides you can use… which is how they can charge twice as much, because you have no competition! Seriously anyone who has a clue about technology would never purchase apple products… which fits apple perfectly because there market are the idiots who don’t know shit about the device they are buying but automatically think it is superior because it costs more and has an apple logo.

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