Ill Has Officially Reached Critical Mass, Wins Flugtag


The Ill epidemic reached new heights yesterday.  Literally.  Team Giant Flying Llama won the event with their flugtag- a massive red helmet with "Ill" embroidered on the front.  

Are you kidding me?

It's bad enough we have to put up with Ill shirts and window stickers, now it has to invade our drunken flying craft events?  Outrage.

The Phlyin Phanatics, who were banned from flying their giant Phanatic into the river by MLB, flew their modified flugtag the furthest- 42 feet.  Yet somehow, even with all the positive publicity, they lost to a giant "Ill" helmet.  The Phanatics changed their name to the "Phlyin Censored", wore black t-shirts, and cut off the Phanatics' head in a hilarious effort to avoid the wrath of Major League Baseball and it's weeny lawyers.  


Awesome video from reader Tom Salerno after the jump.

There were three criteria for winning: distance, creativity, and showmanship.  WMMR's Preston and Steve and Jimmy Rollins judged the event, awarding victory to Giant Flying Llama.  At least "Ill" got its deserved fate- a crash landing into the Delaware.


More great pics at the WMMR Facebook Page.  And thanks to the "Ill" from loyal CB reader Erin Berstler.


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  1. “Ill” is what you get when you fall into that part of the Delaware River. “Ill” IS NOT something that should be used to convey fanaticism and devotion to a major league ball team. Nuff said.

  2. Can we blame MLB lawyers for this too? Since they won’t allow us to use the Phillies actual logo (or mascot or anything else related to our Phils) they forced this awful replacement upon us.
    “I’m gonna toss in my countersuit, uh, Charlie Kelly vs. Major League baseball and the Phillie Phrenetic. This guy’s got a stranglehold on the mascot scene! All right, first of all, I had to call him the Phrenetic. His name’s the Phanatic. But, you know, I’m gonna get sued by Major League Baseball if I call him the Phanatic.”

  3. The “ill” replaced the Phillies “P” that we had originally planned. We were informed we had to change the “P” less than 24 hours before load in on Friday. Obviously our team digs the “ill”, but it was not our original concept.
    Thanks to everyone who came out to the Flugtag on Saturday, it was an incredible experience start to finish.
    And kudos to Crossing Broad for correctly reporting that Phlyin Censored flew the furthest at 42ft… most of the articles I’ve read have incorrectly attributing this distance to our team. We flew 37ft which I believe was the second furthest flight.

  4. Congratulations Aaron.
    I hope your “pilot” kept his mouth closed and nose pinched as he went into the drink.
    Hell, here in Fl when it’s hot, you can’t go swimming in some lakes because if the gators don’t get you, a type of amoeba can go up your nose and eat your brains alive until you die:
    The ameoba is called “Naegleria fowleri”:

  5. Thank you to everybody who agrees with me concerning the “ill” shirts. I really enjoy this site, but the hating on the “ill” makes the writers seem like little whiny bitches! Get over it already!

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