We told you last week that Jayson Werth was reportedly looking for a new agent.  Scott Boras appeared to be the leading candidate, but Werth wants his new agent to take 3-3.5% commission on his contract (plus a flat fee), instead of the more traditional 5% commission.  Good luck.  The NY Times points out that a big-time agent like Boras or the Levinson brothers would never agree to such a deal because it would set a standard with their other clients.  

Werth also said that nothing is finalized in regard to his agent.  "Those are all Twitter rumors", he said.  But a source confirmed to the Times that he did notify his current agent, The Beverly Hills Sports Council, that he's leaving them.  

Also, the Yankees may not be the front runner to land Werth, since Nick Swisher is under contract at $10.25 million next season.  According to the Times, Werth is in line for at least a four-year, $66 million contract.