Jayson Werth Wants a Discount on New Agent, Doesn’t Like Twitter

We told you last week that Jayson Werth was reportedly looking for a new agent.  Scott Boras appeared to be the leading candidate, but Werth wants his new agent to take 3-3.5% commission on his contract (plus a flat fee), instead of the more traditional 5% commission.  Good luck.  The NY Times points out that a big-time agent like Boras or the Levinson brothers would never agree to such a deal because it would set a standard with their other clients.  

Werth also said that nothing is finalized in regard to his agent.  "Those are all Twitter rumors", he said.  But a source confirmed to the Times that he did notify his current agent, The Beverly Hills Sports Council, that he's leaving them.  

Also, the Yankees may not be the front runner to land Werth, since Nick Swisher is under contract at $10.25 million next season.  According to the Times, Werth is in line for at least a four-year, $66 million contract.


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  1. The Times is projecting AT LEAST a 4 year, $66 million deal or roughly $16.5 million a year?
    That has to be a typo, right?

  2. The Yankees are infatuated with Carl Crawford, and the Rays won’t be able to afford Werth. He’ll end up in Boston.

  3. @ Steve S. – Why would that be a typo? Matt Holliday makes 17.1 million per year average and their stats are pretty comparable. Werth was also a key player on a championship team which will make him a little more valuable to teams looking for that last piece to get them over the hump. I bet he gets no lower that 15/year average.

  4. @Dave – If his contract ended after last year’s season, I would agree with you. But other than leading the league in doubles, he’s had an Abreu-like season. With Holliday being the measuring stick, Werth has 30 less RBIs, 60 more strikeouts and, at times, downright stupid in the field. There’s a reason this town isn’t clamoring to keep him in town.

  5. I agree with Steve. It’s not a typo- but good god, he isn’t a $16 million a year player. He went gangbusters in the NLCS last year and that inflated his value so much.
    His beard didn’t help things. We all got nutty for him.

  6. you guys are looking at the wrong contract here. jason bay makes 4 years 66 mill with an option for a 5th year. that’s where the figure is coming from: werth is looking for at least that. so basically, thank the mets for all this.

  7. The NY Times said Werth wants his new agent to take less commission? And we’re supposed to believe this – why? Who was their alleged “source”? I’ve spent enough time working with high level press in NYC to know that the public should never trust anything just because someone had the cujones to print it.
    How is comparing Werth’s numbers NOW to his end numbers from last yr brilliant? This regular season isn’t even over yet.
    And I think the Phillies do want to re-sign Mr. Werth. Please check Ruben Amaro’s latest effort at back-peddling: “nobody is giving Domonic Brown the RF job for next season” and the Phillies of course “would like to re-sign Werth, but we do that kind of thing in the off-season.”
    You bet they want to re-sign Werth. Brown’s avg is .222, his RF catching is questionable, and his aim from RF equally peculiar. 2 wks ago he pulled a quad muscle.
    Meanwhile, the Phillies would not be #1 in the NL east if Werth hadn’t played a pivotal role in helping them get there. He’s also been the only full-time roster player who was healthy all season (aside from pitchers Hamels & Halladay who both gave up a large number of HRs).

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