Kevin Kolb and Stewart Bradley Fail Second Concussion Test, Bradley Removes Tweet about Removing Tweet

Stew_bradley_bromanceHow many fingers am I holding up?

First, the news.  Kevin Kolb and Stewart Bradley both failed their second concussion test today. Meaning they will still have to pass the team's exam before being sent to an indenpendent physician to be cleared to play- significantly lessening their chances to play on Sunday.  

Michael Vick took all of the snaps for the first team offense today in practice.

Now, the weird part.  Yesterday, we told you that Bradley mysteriously removed a tweet about having a headache, claiming his publicist wrote it in error.  Today he removed that tweet.

Everyone is just so sensitive about concussions!

Our post on the matter spread to several sites across the inter-webs, including The Big Lead. Clearly the Eagles and Bradley are concerned about their messaging of his much ballyhooed concussion.


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