Well this is interesting.  Earlier today, Stewart Bradley (@stewbradley) tweeted the following (screenshot here thanks to @everybody_hits):

StewBradley Does anyone have any good remedies or a killer head ache?

He followed that up with this a few hours later:

StewBradley This morning my publicist tweeted about headache remedies but she didn't need to ask cuz i haven't even had a headache. Seriously

Huh.  That first tweet has since been removed.

It’s nothing new for athletes and celebrities to have “ghost tweeters”, and Bradley has many tweets that have that appearance, but this wasn't one of them.  First of all, there’s a typo.  A publicist is usually a little more careful.  Plus, most of his tweets that have that “PR feel” are about his website or charity, why in the world would a PR person tweet about his headache? 

The timing is all just a little peculiar, given the heat the Eagles got for letting him back into the game with an obvious concussion on Sunday.  This looks a lot like the type of thing the team would have asked him to remove- no sense in telling the public about his concussion symptoms.

I don't know that for sure.  It's all just very weird.

Your thoughts?