Kolb and Bradley Fail Concussion Test, Were Never Examined by Head Trainer

Kevin Kolb and Stewart Bradley both failed their first concussion tests today.  Under new NFL rules, they will have to pass the team’s test, before seeing an independent physician for clearance.  Only after that second “all clear”, which would happen Friday at the earliest, would they be allowed to practice or play again.

Perhaps more interesting, is the excellent reporting by PhillySportsDaily.com, that reveals head trainer Rick Burkholder never examined Bradley before he went back on the field after his obvious on-air stumble.  Burkholder was examining Kolb (who got hurt just minutes earlier) while “other members of the medical team” tended to the Bradley.

The NFL cleared the Eagles of any rules violations, but how in the world did Bradley find his way back onto the field?

Something tells me this isn’t over.

Read the full report from Tim McManus at PhillySportsDaily.com


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  1. The real question is: Will Andy Reid destroy Kevin Kolb’s career like he did Brian Westbrook’s? Granted Westbrook was older than Kolb is now but clearly the team pushed for (or didn’t prevent) Westbrook’s return to the field. Will they rush (or not prevent) Kolb? If so, Andy Reid and the Eagles need to be arrested for wreckless endangerment or something.

  2. Bradley didn’t get hit, he happened to look into the crowd and saw a man wearing an ILL shirt and immediately became lightheaded and fell over…just ask Kyle cuz He hates the ill shirts if you havent noticed after the 893828 posts about them…www.kylehatesillshirts.com….

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