Last Night’s Phillies Game Breaks CSN Record


UPDATE: The Phillies broke the record again on Tuesday with a 15 rating.

A whole bunch of people watched the Phillies beat the Braves last night.  

Comcast SportsNet says the Phillies game achieved at 14.5 rating (14.5% of households with TVs). That means around 431,400 households watched the game, an all-time high on CSN.  The Phillies game, which beat out Monday Night Football, peaked at an 18.9 rating (562,300 households) and it beat the previous Phillies record of 13.3 set on September 30, 2009 against the Astros.

The Phillies average rating on CSN for the year is 8.0.

People are even watching Post Game Live.  107,000 households, on average, are tuning in- a 20% increase over last year.

Last week, the Eagles broke a Fox record too.


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  1. Dont worry “Wheels” it’s DEF not to listen to your ridiculously stupid commentary ALL NIGHT LONG…..

  2. Effin right. i HATE wheels. he and t-mac can go hump behind a dumpster. Franske, Andersen. You’re IN!

  3. why has no one mentioned the weirdo “cousin it” type person/creature in the fifth row? how did it even see the game?

  4. Sweet! Wish I could watch it from the native channel. I’m stuck with fox sports south listining to the braves commenters. I’ll just have to get the sports package next year.

  5. did anybody check the papers on the depression rate today after having to listen to Wheels for 3 hours

  6. i noticed cousin in at the beginning of the game last night. between him and the spiderman outfit the nutcase who charged the field had on, it was almost too much to handle 🙂

  7. Ibmg, I could careless about that asshole, I’m usually first on that stuff. But I try to respect the other blogs and not post stuff that’s not major if I’m not first. That being said, I rarely discover anything on other blogs, when I do I’ll credit. Figured I could go without rally towel after I spent a sizable amount of time in the werth highlight vid.

  8. why did you take down the “guy gives his cellphone a blowjob” post? Cuz you realized how stupid and pointless it was?

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