Leonard Weaver Talks About His Injury

The more I listen to Leonard Weaver talk, and his outlook on things, the more I respect the guy. We picked on some of his Twitter rants and we were wrong to do so.  By all accounts from Eagles writers, he is an unbelievable person.  We wish him the best.

To see the injury, click here.


4 Responses

  1. I barely slept sunday night thinking about this dude getting hurt and how it happened. This city is certainly going to be worse off for losing him on the field and i hope his knee heals well enough that he can play again. I know when it happened that it looked like more than one major ligament was damaged just due to the severity of the hyperextension. As another poster mentioned, he’s a class act, and he most certainly deserves more time on the field before he calls it a career.

  2. I would almost say that the Phish disaster has completely run it’s course. We’ll see how the Flyers play

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