Michael Vick Named NFC Player of the Month

Maybe it's not the best move for the long-term, but as I wrote Monday, we were wrong about him.

Now, how much of a hand Roger Goodell had in all this so he could point to a success story?  Well…


3 Responses

  1. Hey I’m not the guys biggest fan by any means, but I sure enjoyed watching him and the Eagles stomp the Jaguars down here in Jacksonville. If he continues to play like that, I’ll take him as qb any day.

  2. I cant stand this guy! as a player or a person. and i am more pissed at The Walking Blimp Andy Reid and his 3 headed boss of Roseman, Banner and Lurie. To the casual fan, and to the owners that are profiting from this team, this is the “smart” choice. Vick does put a better team onto the field, since our O line is worse than most D-I college programs. And our Defense is a joke… The only thing accomplished by putting Vick on the field is making money. More casual fans’ butts in the seats and more coverage from the media because Vick is playing. but to the passionate followers of this franchise it leaves us in limbo. We are pretty much living out last year again and already know the result of this season before it is even 1/4th of the way completed. I dont care how great Vick is playing, and he has played good from the stats i have read, because i REFUSE to watch any games, just like i refuse to wear any “colors”. But i want somebody to ask reid and the other 3 execs, what are our teams plans for next season, and pry out any answer other than the generic “we are focus on this season now” because we all know that they arent….

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