Jeff_carter_cowboyYee haw, motherfuckers

It’s been a while since we have seen the elusive Carts out in his natural habitat.  He has spent much time this summer at concerts in Atlantic City and Camden.  Like in the picture below with Dan Carcillo and Ville Leino after a Nas concert at the House of Blues.  He has also been at Phillies games, where he popped up on Bongo Cam- I wonder if he had the giant fist.  Scientists remain baffled by the behavioral anomalies of Carts.


But alas, we find Jeff Carter initiating his mating ritual (while a game of beerpong goes on in the foreground).  I don’t know when it happened, but at some point between 2002 and now, Sun-In went out of style.  Someone should tell Carter- that shit ain’t natural, yo.

Pic after the jump, plus a bonus pic of Danny Briere with a fish.



Jeff Carter engages the female.  What she does not know, is that soon she will be Carter'd.