Here we go again.

Since there was nothing else to write about yesterday in New York, the largest city in America, the Daily News did a piece on the Top 12 Worst Philly Fan moments.  Oh, like we haven't seen these before.

OMG, Scoob, OH. MY GOD.  Fans got into a fight a parking lot in 2003?  That has to be the first time that ever happened, right?  Wait, you say they threw snow balls at Santa in 1968?  Wow, I haven't heard that before, boy.

This is an actual caption for the snow ball incident:

By the time he hit the end zone, snowballs came flying from all directions at the unluckiest Santa. This incident cemented Philly's reputation as having perhaps the most unruly sports fans ever.

The list of cliché Philly fan incidents is all here.

We might have to start one up for New York that includes this NYPD officer being arrested at Citi Field this year. That's not nearly as bad as a 17 year old boy running on the field for shits and giggles though.

Props to Deadspin for pointing this out and keeping it real.

Meanwhile, North Jersey fans (basically New York) initially cheered when Ian Laperriere had his face broken.  Thanks to Lauren Anne for the video after the jump.