NYPD Officer Arrested at Mets Game

Well, well, well.  Just as Philly is reaching the apex of bad fan behavior (drunk children, stolen license plates, tasers, and puking), it's time to turn attention to New York.

Anthony Rodriguez (that's soo NY), 26, was arrested for disorderly conduct, criminal trespass, and resisting arrest at Citi Field last night.  Did we mention Rodriguez was a cop?

The Bronx officer was arrested by his own peers after being too rowdy and "boisterous" from his prime seat behind the Mets' dugout.  Players and coaches looked on as he was cuffed and escorted out.

Kid accidentally picks up empty beer bottle?  Front page on ESPN.com.

New York cop arrested at Citi Field?  No national mention as of yet.  Figures.

Thanks to reader Dan Bello for passing this along.  [NY Daily News]


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  1. new york is classy, philly fans are scumbags. the whole world knows this because ESPN told them so.
    i remember my first bought world series. oh wait, no i don’t. GO FLYERS

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