“It’s Good To Be In First Place, It’s The Only Way To Live”

Wrong era, right-ish analogy

Bet your sweet ass it is, Charlie.

That quote via Chuck on the Phils overtaking first-place with an 8-7 win over the Marlins. The Braves lost to the Pirates which puts the Fightins on top of the standings for the first time since May (!!).

Fans trying to catch a Shane Victorino home-run

Was there really any doubt?  Of course not (maybe).  The Braves blew their load too soon and now the Phillies have hit their normal, late-season stride.

Being on top of the division this late in the season doesn't happen by accident.  You can't just push your way through first place, you've gotta get there in style.  You need that confident swagger- despite a myriad injuries, a few tense moments (like overthrowing third and balks) and a mid-season hiatus from the bats.  It's all about confidence.  And the Phils have it.

Charlie has it too.

Plus, the ladies love them some swagger…

Fact: It's gotten this guy laid, hence the cigarette. 

You can start swooning in the comments below.


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  1. Love the random picture of the nerd….totally made me laugh out loud in my quiet office..haha. Thanks!

  2. U pussies r gonna cry wen jay wirth is gone u pussies. sutimes u dun no wut u got until u lose it pussies

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