So, Uh, Maybe Nyjer Morgan is kind of a Prick

Last week Nyjer Morgan was suspended seven games for throwing a ball at a Phillies fan.  We presented both sides of the argument about whether it was intentional or not.  Well, yesterday Morgan started a melee in Florida and proved his dickishness.

Not saying the two are related, but he might be hard pressed to find a character witness.

Video via PHLSportsFan (check them out).


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  1. News flash – Eagles sign Gabby Sanchez to a 3 yr contract -$8 million guaranteed to play Strong Safety…

  2. Not saying I like the guy but he should have charged the mound. They already threw at him earlier in the game. Once is enough, you made your point. Seriously though how about that clothesline from Sanchez

  3. Yes, he is a prick but not for this. The Marlins come accross as a bunch of babies. Mad that he stole 2 bases? STFU Marlins, I’m glad he charged you.
    Would people in Philly be saying the same thing if this was Chase or Jimmy?

  4. He stole 2 bases in a game when they were down 10 runs…in the 4th inning. Whether or not he was stealing out of spite does not matter. 10 runs is not insurmountable. Marlins, if you really want to stop him, throw him out. Correct me if I’m wrong but you play the game to win, that’s what he was doing.

  5. I don’t think that it was because of him stealing two bases, it’s the way that he has slid into bases this season, trying to hurt people, I think – either that or they just got tired of his flapping gums and tried to lodge a ball in his flapper….

  6. Nyjeer actually cheap shot the Marlins catcher when he wasn’t even guarding the plate and put him out with a dislocated wrist for the season, I think. That is why he became target practice (shows how good the Marlins pitchers can spot their pitches, huh?)

  7. scrappleSports, the difference here is that Morgan has proven himself to be a jerk. Rollins and Utley are character guys on our team. Look at what Victorino did in the NLCS two years ago. He’s probably one of our more fiery guys and he still kept it in check.
    From Victorino in 2008:
    “Someone was bound to get hit. The situation called for it. Just don’t throw at my head,” Victorino explained after the game.

  8. at any rate….i would throw at him for just being a little ghetto punk – go play in the NBA or NFL with that trash he brings….

  9. NickFromGermantown: But, Nyjer took the first plunk like a man. Said exact same thing Shane said. He rushed the mound after the second time throwing at him.
    It was not a cheap shot on catcher either. He misjudged and should have slid but that is how you play the game. Wes Helms is a big baby.

  10. Still should’ve just slid and tried to get the bag. The catcher was off of home, and still standing. Its one thing to try to get the bag and plow over the catcher trying to take it, but what he did was just nasty. And stupid, he could’ve just as easily gotten himself hurt if the catcher bent over, expecting Morgan to slide.

  11. great stuff. Sanchez with the clothesline is a win. Morgan had every right to charge, but his actions afterwards were rediculous. Yelling at the Marlins fans and beating his chest like he’s some big tough guy. News flash Nyjer, you’re 5 foot nothin’ and about a buck 20 with 5 lbs. weights in your pockets. Volstad is like 6 foot 7, lol. You ain’t winnin’ that fight son. Props to Sanchez.

  12. I don’t know if “cheap” is the right word to describe Nyjer Morgan running into Brad Hayes, but it was definitely bad sportsmanship, and more importantly, bad baseball. The only time you need to run into a catcher is to dislodge the ball. Morgan is one of the fastest guys in the game, and it was clear that he had no intention of even attempting to slide. Hayes had to look the ball into his glove, before applying a tag, so to all you guys who think that he wasn’t paying attention… watch the video again. He catches the ball and goes to apply the tag (proper baseball fundamentals), but because Morgan is so fast, he’s already running in to him!
    There’s no reason Morgan should have charged the catcher like that. It was just bad baseball. More than likely, if he would have slid, he would have scored, and there’s a good chance that the Nationals would have won the game. Instead, the Nats lost, and Brad Hayes is out indefinitely with a separated shoulder. It was just an a**hole move by Morgan, and watching him get clotheslined to hell by Gaby Sanchez made my night.
    I hope Morgan is suspended for at least the rest of the season. He deserves it.

  13. I hate Morgan. He is a disgrace to baseball and i echo the sentiments of the previous poster that said he should be in the NBA where that attitude is embraced. Now is it wrong to steal in a double digit lead? I think so, but to each there own. Morgan didnt think it was wrong, but the Marlins did. All Actions have consequences and in the MLB you steal 2 bases in a blow out you have to be prepared be thrown at for the rest of the game. And i flat out hate morgan. He walks around like he is rickey henderson or some shit. Get the stats then you can use some swagger, like Jimmy Rollins does. Dont run your mouth when you are still a nobody on the F’ing Nationals!

  14. It’s funny how the Marlins players were like “he took it too far by stealing bases.” Last time I checked, this was baseball and you were supposed to steal bases. Please correct me if I’m wrong lol

  15. I know this is beside the point…but I love whoever this announcer is and his “Oh Goodness!” tag line. He said it when they freaked about that foul ball call vs the Phils too.
    But Nyjer definitely was being a total douche. I bet all 23 of them were PISSED.

  16. Morgan does take cheap shots. He knocked into the catcher when the Nats played the Cards not too long along, also. He didn’t knock him to the ground as hard as this time but there was obviously no play at the plate (vs the cards) and he still does it. That time it caused him to miss home plate. Both situations he was called out but if he would have slid at home, he would have easily been safe.

  17. All the Retards posting who cares he stole 2 bases, have never played baseball above the little league level. When you getting your ass handed to you or giving out an ass handing, you play station to station baseball. On a base hit you with runners on 2nd and 3rd you would only score 1 run, you dont steal bases out of respect to the guys who are getting there asses kick, but then its understood they dont either. Just get the game over with. Morgan is a bitch and always has been a bitch in this league. Stealing those bases was bush league, he deserved hit again and the nationals know that. The crowd gestureing by that neanderthal shows how shitty he is. I hope the mlb says “Nyger, season over.”

  18. Scrapple….yeah i do realize that. and like i said, too each their own. if in Morgan’s crazy head its ok to steal in a game like that, then he has to understand that other players have their own opinion that may differ from his and obviously the marlins felt that you shouldnt steal in a situation like that and took action.

  19. NyJERK Morgan is a prick! It all stems from this:
    There was no reason for him to try to take home that way! He probably would have scored had he slid. But he bulldozed Brett Hayes specifically to take him out, not just score. I don’t care whether it’s allowed in the rules or not. It’s dirty, and immoral. NyJERK went high on him with all he had. That’s dirty. Even with padding the catcher could have fell back on his head and easily suffer a concussion (or worse). If he tried to do that to Chooch, I don’t care who it was and how much they’d get suspended, I’d want one of the Phillies to retaliate.
    And that dip-shit Dan Plesac on MLB Tonight didn’t think it was dirty:
    Actually, if you want to see all vids relate to last nights Marlins-Nats game, go here:
    And here’s all for NyJERK:

  20. PS, and it’s my last comment for now:
    HAHAHAHAH! Did you look at NyJERK’s attack on Volstad? He totally whiffs on his punch before getting the Sanchez clothsline. HAHAHAHAH, NyJERK, you suck, you little bitch.

  21. i have to wonder if the runner on second shouldve taken advantage of the opportunity and scored…. well prolly not…

  22. Honestly it look like Volstad just had a wild pitch and not an intentional winger. Especially if you look how the catcher was set and how he had to chase the ball. No pitcher wants to lose control of the ball to just send a warning shot at the batter.
    Philly fans thank Sanchez. Give Morgan a slug for us next time too.

  23. ScrappleSports, I don’t mind the stolen bases at all. I don’t agree with the Marlins if they think he was out of line for stealing when the Nats were down a crap load of runs. I never said anything about that.
    The two examples I was mentioning were when he took out two catchers in two plays that were in no need for a collision (or contact at all in the Cards game).
    But yes, I do realize they were losing…

  24. P.S. Egg on my face Scrapple, I didn’t know you were talking about another Adam on one of your comments. My apologies.

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