Move over 1998 Cecily Tynan.  CSN Washington gave the newest Flyers reporter, Lisa Hillary, a proper send off last night.  And what did we learn?

We learned that she's Crossing Broad's new local favorite- before ever appearing on-air in Philly.  

I'm sorry John Boruk, but you just can't compete with someone who sings Dead or Alive on set and wears those cute little Christmas sweaters.  Therefore, we herein launch the Lisa Hillary fan club! Founders, members.

We even thought of a segment to replace Coatsey's Corner for games on CSN:  Hillary's Hallway.  

Ok, it could use some work.

Now, about her colleague calling Philly fans "rats"…

Video of the teary send off is worth getting over the jump. has an interview with Hillary.  Check them out, they do an outstanding job of covering the Flyers.