Vick Wanted to Play the Whole Game, Iverson Going Far East, and Carts is Tan


Defenseman Matt Walker brought a potential suitor for Jeff Carter into the Skate Zone.  Kind of looks like Briere's ex-wife

A lot going on today.  Football season is officially underway, Flyers rookie camp began, the Phillies are one game ahead of the Atlanta Braves with three weeks to play, and the Sixers are still woefully inadequate.  We bring you up to speed on some of the less newsworthy stuff (the shit we didn't have time to post).

-A day later, Michael Vick is still convinced that the Eagles would have won the game if he played all four quarters.  Kevin Kolb must be so thrilled that Vick is acknowledging his role.  []

"As a competitor, that's the way I feel," Vick said. "If I was out there for four quarters maybe we'd have a chance to win, I'd have to fight back. Not to take anything away from the offense in the first half and what Kevin did. I was just saying, 'Myself, I believe in myself.' If I'd had been out there who knows what would have happened? But Kevin is going to be fine. He'll do a good job. Sometimes the offense has got to get into a rhythm."

-His fiancée is looking for gold-digging whores.  I'm not kidding. 

-Allen Iverson can’t get a gig in the NBA, so he might play in China?  His career is fizzling out about as gracefully the Gin Blossoms.

-Johan Backlund got a new mask.

-I tried to get something in here about the Sixers, but all three times I tried this video it didn’t work.  They can’t get anything right.

Lisa Hillary is making her CSN debut tonight!  That's not a link to the story, you just need to know that!

-Jeff Carter went for that I am so fucking tan and fucked every living creature this summer and most likely won’t be in tip-top shape to start-off training camp look, today at camp.  Oh, it’s not a look?


You just knew I had to bookend this with Carts jokes.


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  1. I was suprised not to hear more out of the media about Vick’s comments about having a chance to win had he played 4 quarters.
    Also, I’m having a hard time figuring out if you have a massive man crush/jealousy issues or if you truly just flat out think Carter is a douche. Come clean, Kyle.

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