What The Hell is Wrong with People? Week 3: An Homage to Last Week’s Moron

First, thanks to Jimmy DePhillippo for sending along this confused Eagles fan.  She appears to be a little split (thank you, thank you).  We get that Christ himself, Brian Dawkins, has moved on, but it's time we do the same, people.  And yeah, you read that right, Jimmy tells us this is a woman.  Finkle and Einhorn. Finkle and Einhorn.

I figured we'd have a little trouble digging up an enraged Jaguars fan on YouTube today because, ya know, no one actually likes the Jaguars (it took the Vick announcement for the game to sell out). But we did find a guy who paid homage to the militant Lions fan we featured last week.  Kudos to Catman19x for the effort.  The rest of the video is, quite frankly, awful.  No Carman19x, the Eagles and Jaguars are not "on the same level."  Different conferences, different history, hell, different animals.

Video after the jump.

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6 Responses

  1. Ahh…and this is what I have, unfortunately, surrounded myself with. I am a transplanted Philadelphian in Jville. It’s not that the Jags don’t have a fan base, its just that they are still a young franchise and have not built the fan base we we’ve aquired over our 75+ year tenure, in which a city backs their team through thick and thin. Plagued with black-outs throughout last years season, I don’t see one happening this year at all.

  2. Dawkins was, in many eyes, one of the best athletes and personalities to ever play for any of our teams. I can respect that jersey. I actually wanted to get a Dawkins Broncos jersey and replace the logos, essentially making an orange Eagles jersey. I love the blog, but damn dude, you hate on apparel wayyy too much. I’m not gonna tell you how to run a website, but its a borderline fashion blog at this point.

  3. Eagles fan should never move on from Brian Dawkins. He poured his heart out here and left everything on the field unlike some other players who have moved on mainly a player who wore number 5. So although i would never wear the jersey in the pic i can understand where that fan is coming from. Every time i watch a Dawkins clip on youtube is brings a tear to my eye.

  4. slook- that jersey is a violation. im sorry. no prob with the dawk broncos jersey. but this is just pointless.

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