All Signs Point to Kolb

Vick_kolbPhoto via The Big Lead

It looks like Kevin Kolb will be the starter on Sunday against the Titans.

Howard Eskin reported that Andy Reid has already told Kolb, Vick, and the team:  [NBC Philadelphia]

Sources tell me Eagles Head Coach Andy Reid has already told Both Kevin Kolb And Michael Vick that Kolb Will start Sunday at Tennessee.

Reid has also told his team that Kolb will start.


Publicly, Reid would only say there was a "pretty good chance" that Kolb would start.

You have to ask yourself, is it because Vick is still injured or because Kolb is the full-time starter again?

Vick said it's because of the injury:  []

"I went and met with the doctor this morning. The movement's still not there; the mobility's still not there in my upper chest," the Eagles quarterback said in his weekly appearance on the Tony Mercurio show on ESPN 94.1-FM, in his hometown of Virginia Beach, Va. "We've just got to take our time and re-evaluate the situation and make sure we do what's best for the team . . . I think it doesn't make sense to try to rush back and play and be hurting. The team has really jelled right now . . . There's no reason to just break that up. We have a bye next week, which makes it even better."

However, Vick wanted to play on Sunday.  He met with Reid on Saturday and was told he would be the third-string quarterback against the Falcons.  The next day, he showed up at 12:15 for a 1 o'clock game, even though other inactive players are required to arrive more than two hours before game time.  Why the exception for Vick?  Reid snapped at Philly Sports Daily's Tim McManus when he was asked about it.  It's curious that Vick was given an odd exception when there was still a small possibility he could play.  Either he was late, or he really was told to arrive at that time because the Eagles were paranoid about the attention he would receive with his former team was in town.

Mike Missanelli and Sal Paolantonio talked about this at length yesterday.  Something just doesn't feel right.  It's all speculation, but it's odd that that the day after he was told he wasn't starting, he showed up late, was absent from the sideline, and then Reid got all defensive when he was asked about it.  Why in the world would Vick be told to show up later than every other active and non-active player on the roster?

Meanwhile, a switch back to Kolb would be the ultimate flip-flop for Reid.


7 Responses

  1. Reid said on his TV show he doesn’t have tell anyone anything outside his team. Kind of BS to the paying fan but whatever. He has nice problem and It may carry for the year has he said said there’s no chance he would trade either quarterback before the trading deadline. As someone against Vick because he used to suck and live off his legs (which you can’t do); it’s a tough call. I would say if he TRUELY somehow became a pocket QB; then ride him out after the bye. But if you want to stick to your plan for trading Kobb and building a chamopionship team with a young QB – then John Kerry back to Kobb. You made this mess – you need to make the call!

  2. I hope all signs point to Kolb for the rest of the season! Vick playing is only delaying the development of the entire offense, and consequently the team. We are not going to resign Vick to the contract that he is going to be looking for, and get from some desperate team, such as Buffalo, Oakland, Arizona. And even other teams that would improve with him which include a Farve-less Minnesota, Seattle, Cleveland, Carolina, the list goes on and on! But me personally, I have no interest in a Vick lead Eagles team. Plus the guys true character is starting to come back out of the closet(b/c it was always there he just acted differently on camera), the man thinks he is so great he doesnt have to practice, shows up late to a game for one of 2 reasons, out of spite or b/c he gets special treatment! I wish the eagles would trade him NOW to get something semi-decent in return!

  3. If the long-term plan was/is to develop Kolb, and it’s clear the guy can play now, why wouldn’t Kolb be your starter? Now Vick has some legitimate trade value so shop him around, bring in Jeff Garcia as a backup and end all this attention-whoring. It’s pure nonsense.

  4. Whoever says that Reid has a nice problem is an idiot. is it a nice problem that every week the media is asking who is going to start? Is it a good trust builder for reid to come out and say Kolb is the starter then flip days later saying that Vick is the guy, cant put a strong sense of trust into the players. Plus let us not forget the off season drama that was the White Party. I agree 1 million % with Steve S. If anything Vick is stealing any reporting on the eagles. Instead of us hearing about important stuff like say what to do about our suspect Defense, or what changed with the Offensive Line this past game, we have to hear about why Vick wasnt there at a scheduled time and all this BULLSHIT that goes along with the Vick Circus!

  5. Michael Vick (ribs) said on the Tony Mercurio show on ESPN 94.1-FM in Virginia Beach that he anticipates sitting out this weekend and returning in Week 9 after the Eagles’ Week 8 bye.
    “The movement’s still not there; the mobility’s still not there in my upper chest,” Vick said. “… I think it doesn’t make sense to try to rush back and play and be hurting.”

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