Always Sunny Episode Dominated by Flyers

In case you missed Thursday’s It’s Always Sunny, the episode largely centered around WMMR and the Flyers.

Mac and Charlie won a contest on the Preston and Steve show, giving them a chance to take a shot from center ice to win a trip to the WMMR beach house (complete with Carts icing bros) .  We won’t spoil the plot, but you can watch the scene that took place at the Wachovia Center, and a fan video of the filming before a game in the spring, after the jump.

Preston and Steve were there, Rob and Charlie shot their scenes in front of a green screen. Thanks to readers for the clarification.

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3 Responses

  1. Preston and Steve filmed at the Wachovia center w stand in’s for Mac and Charlie… then they went out to LA to see them film it in front of the green screen. (they’ve talked about it on mmr)

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