Bruce Newman Responds, and Gregg Doyel Says Charlie Manuel Isn’t Trying

My Phone number was also included in the email

UPDATE:  You're welcome for the page views, hack.  Click to enlarge.


I would really rather not give this hack writer (or any hack writer) any more attention, but Mr. Bruce Newman has responded to our thorough destruction of his article on Phillies fans.  Instead of at least defending his work, he sent me a link to this video (which, by the way, I criticized fans for in December), proving what a no-talent, half-assed hack writer he is.

That's a video to Eagles fans throwing snowballs at 49ers fans.  More originality from Mr. Newman. I'd really like to have an intelligent debate with him, but since he's clearly not up for it, I responded with this- 49ers fans fighting Raiders fans (ZOMG two of the teams the Mercury News covers).

Meanwhile, after the jump, Gregg Doyel of CBS Sports essentially calls Charlie Manuel lazy.  Wha?

Quite honestly, I don't even have the energy to address this.  You can debate whether or not Charlie should start Blanton, but saying that he, and apparently Victorino, have given up, well, that's just stupid.

I would love nothing more than to see the Phillies come out and destroy Bumgarnerburgler, or whatever his name is.  Just.  To.  Shut.  Everybody.  Up.

 Phillies manager Charlie Manuel has mailed it in. Sounds like it to me, anyway. He's stopped thinking, stopped scrapping, stopped managing. He doesn't have a variety of tools at his disposal — the Phillies offense was put together like a beer-league softball team, and at the moment it keeps falling on its rear end — but he's not even trying.


Victorino is a lot like Manuel. It's a little late for thinking, you know? Victorino doesn't know why the Phillies couldn't hit Giants starter Matt Cain on Tuesday, and he doesn't care. The same goes for the Phillies' disappearing offense, which has produced a .194 batting average, .312 slugging and .608 OPS this NLCS. Victorino doesn't know. Doesn't care.

That's Victorino. That's Manuel, too. In the back corner of the Phillies clubhouse, though, Utley had something else in mind. He said so with actions, not words, because Utley wasn't speaking to reporters. Not for the 20 minutes I was hanging around the clubhouse. Instead, Utley was the first Phillies player to sit down behind a laptop and study film of Game 3.


So there sat Utley, studying the film, rewinding and rewinding and rewinding. He wanted to know what went wrong.

Don't bother, Chase. Your manager and your leadoff hitter agree it's too late for thinking. And they're right.

Don't you think?



I can't deal.


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  1. This guy loves cock… dont bother.. enjoy aidstown
    Pedro Zemorra loved the giants too… where did that get him

  2. this article screams flaming homo.

  3. I keep trying to call this fucker but he’ll never answer. I guess I’ll just keep leaving voicemails.
    Everyone who cares at all about the Phillies and their fandom need to call this prick and give him a piece of their minds.
    Here’s his number: 408-920-5004
    He won’t answer, but on the bright side you can hear his pussy voice in his voicemail.
    Leave him a nice message.

  4. Oh, and Kyle, way to man up. Bruce Newman is a prick and deserves to be treated like one.
    Don’t let him slide on any of this bullshit.
    Nice work.

  5. Yup. Gaybashing and “fucking shit up” will definitely help other people see us as a civilized, reasonable city.

  6. Kyle, I sent him an email early this morning and got the exact same response. What a useless waste of a human being this fucker is. Geez

  7. I cant stand hack a*$ nit wits like Doyle. Here is the feedback I sent.
    Your farticle about the Phillies in regards to game 3 of the NLCS ( if printed it out on the best paper available to man ) is nothing but something to use to after a bowel movement. Actually my bowel movements make more sense.
    You are a “National Columnist
    “, but you are surely no “Expert”.
    After looking at the articles you have written, you seem to like to write about the next big thing. How about focusing on one sport. Chase Utley ignored you because you are not a baseball writer. You are hack/wana be.

  8. No offense to you kyle, but the reason for all these trashy, no good, unprofessional journalistic writers is because of the overwhelming ability for anyone to blog and get paid for it… so if you have an opinion, and no matter how wrong it is, it can get posted and viewed as a true piece of journalistic doctrine…
    which is full..of…shit…
    bruce newman can go cry some more that we called his pitcher names, a pitcher he probably didn’t pay attention to until he realized his city has a baseball team…in the playoffs. and this guy gregg… yea, he can go to hell.

  9. dj- anyone can blog. but it has to be good enough for people to read. in bruce’s case, he is being paid to write for a respected newspaper. much different.
    if it was just some dude, i wouldn’t have taken the time. but this appeared on a major news outlet.

  10. Im actually really excited to see the Phils win this series and shut down every Philly hater out there. Bunch of lazy bitches themselves if they cant think of any LOGICAL reason why the Giants will win the series.

  11. Peter, you got that right, but that’s because he’s influenced too much by that mental midget Dubee.
    Here are key failures:
    1) They took Blanton out too early. Sure, he gave up a run and allowed a walk before he got yanked, but I’m sure he could have got out of the inning before anymore damage occurred. This would have let them pitch the next inning differently…
    2) WTF! WTF! WTF! Why did they leave that killjoy Durbin in there so long hanging in the breeze? How could they be that worried about depleting their bullpen? They wound up putting Oswalt in the end anyway. They should have shitcanned that asshole Durbin after he gave up that Cody Ross double.
    3) That senile moron Perlazzo needed to hold-up Chooch and for once that would have been the right time to be conservative. Old-fart Sam, it’s Chooch, not Shane. He’s probably that senile that he can’t tell the difference between the players. If Chooch had held, he would have scored on the next hit, and they would have likely had the 5 runs on the board at the end of their inning. That would have possibly changed the bullpen match-up when the Giants came to bat at the bottom, and Blanton and maybe the new pitcher would have been less nerved coming into the inning.
    That should have been a win, but the game was simply mismanaged. Man-up Chuck, and admit that you screwed the pooch on this one and let your team down!

  12. Sorry, for all you anal retentives out there, it’s Perlozzo, not Perlazzo. Speaking of anal, he’ll hereby shall only be referred by me in the future as Old-man Perlasshole!

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