Everyone Loves Doc, the Phillies


The ripple effect of a no-hitter is felt throughout the sports world.  The ripple effect of a postseason no-hitter is felt throughout the world.  Everyone from soccer stars, to MTV, to the Flyers had their eyes on Doc, who, of course, turned Lettermen, CNN, Fox News, and CBS.  He's special, that Roy.

The Flyers watched: [Philly.com]

Forward Scott Hartnell was amped about Halladay's first postseason start even before the Flyers left for Pittsburgh. Hartnell was walking around the Flyers' locker room in Voorhees, N.J., saying "Go Phillies!"

Hartnell likely would have been at Citizens Bank Park if the Flyers started the season at home. Hartnell attended most of the Phillies' World Series home games last year.

"We all watched it," Claude Giroux said. "It was awesome."

"That was pretty cool," goaltender Brian Boucher said. "Roy Halladay is a machine." *

Leonard Weaver called Roy a beast: [Philly Sports Daily]

“That was amazing, wasn’t it,” said fullback Leonard Weaver, who was flipping through the channels and got locked in on the action. “To watch history like that — that was special. That boy (Roy Halladay) is a beast.”

Below, a compilation of images and screen grabs from around the web, and lots of Becks…

Becks has the unbuckling effect

Lots more after the jump. 

Beckham looks on in the 9th inning


"Why you look like a homeless person, whitebread?" (more at My PHL 17)


Landon Donovan



MTV dedicated Destiny's Child's "No No No" to Doc


Yahoo even gave Doc the proper noun treatment

No_hit_ice cream
Chooch loves ice cream and no-hitters (thanks to Tom Salerno)

And the Flyers wish the Phillies luck, Mike Richards congratulates Doc.

Thanks to Dave Valiante, Tom Salerno, My PHL 17, who all sent stuff.  Sorry if I missed anyone.

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  • mkw12679 October 8, 2010 at 12:14 pm

    Wow… MTV certainly isn’t where I’d look first (or 100th, for that matter) for my sports news, but really? The end of the season was drama-free? No mention of the Braves just making it? The potential that there could have been two tie-breakers Monday and Tuesday? I even found the AL East to be exciting… Love to see the Yankees only grab the wild card. Who does their reporting? My 6-year-old could stepdaughter have done a better job.

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