Goodbye, Jayson Werth


UPDATE: Werth was even more candid on 610 with Howard Eskin.

About the guy who caught Juan Uribe’s home run:

"I was mad at the guy who caught it for not knocking it back into the park, but I’ve been told I can’t interact with fans anymore… so I didn’t say anything."


Obviously referring to the fan he yelled at for interfering with a foul ball.

Giving the Phillies a hometown discount:

"I grew up in Springfield, Ill."



The Phillies:

"Ownership has done a great job of increasing payroll since I got here.  Although, I didn’t really agree with the Cliff Lee deal, I agree with Roy Halladay."


Who doesn’t?

Jayson Werth met with the media today at CBP, just an hour after Ruben Amaro sat in the very same seat.

He talked about his upcoming free agency, his time in Philly, the fans, his grandparents, leaves, and Todd Zolecki's boyish face.  Not one of those topics elicited a comment that made it sound like he was going to play in Philadelphia next year.

First and foremost, Werth was clearly disappointed that the season was over.

"It was emotional. It was just so unexpected.  Definitely didn't see ourselves in that position.  I was driving in today and noticed the leaves changing , the leaves were falling for the first time.  I had tunnel vision until now."


My feeling exactly, Jayson Werth.  Something about the season ending makes you realize that harsh reality that the cold weather is firmly upon us.  

About his prospects of re-signing with the Phillies:

"I've had the best time in the last four years playing baseball with these guys, in this city, in front of these fans.  I've seen quite a transformation here. Going forward, Philly will obviously be one of the teams that will be in consideration."

"It's a business. This is definitely not the same game I played in my grandparents' backyard as a kid. I've known that for a long time. In '97, I sat at my kitchen table when I was 18-years-old and negotiated my signing bonus. I've known since back then this is a business."

"Since coming here, the club has done an unbelievable job, they've taken the necessary steps to create a winning atmosphere.  The fans are happy.  They sold out every night.  From the economics side of the club, I would think they're in good shape, and probably could sign whoever they want. Whether or not that’s me, we'll have to wait and see."

“These are all things that we’ll have to look at after the World Series.  I’m all ears. I’m open to anything.”


Yeah, he's gone.

His thoughts on upcoming free agency:

"Yeah, absolutely [I'm looking forward to it].  It's not something everybody gets to go through.  Obviously its gonna be an exciting time.  Something I've worked for my entire life."

"I want to be evaluated equally, compared to my peers, be compensated fairly."


His peers make $15 million a year.

His teammates:

"We play good together.  We have something that not too many people have, or not too many teams have accomplished, or even felt.  Since coming here, I've established myself as an everyday guy."

"I don't think I'll ever be in a situation where I get to play with guys like this.  We've been together so long now."

"Stuff we've been through, came from taking this town where it hadn't won in a long time and we've won.  Quite an accomplishment and it's been done here.  To go through the parade and stuff that happened, that will never be replaced."


The fans:

"There's been there ups and downs I'd say.  Coming from not being anybody, to the type of guy who plays everyday and people bring signs to the field for…  Those people in right field, I'll probably never be a situation again where I'll see that again.  I'd like to get to continue that.  Something we'll wait to see."


His career:

"I didn't play a whole lot early in my career- the wear and tear isn't there.  I've always been a late bloomer."
"I've always kinda been a gangly, skinny kid most of my life.  As I get older, I'm going to get bigger and stronger.  I actually felt faster this year than years before."

"My grandfather played 17 years in the big leagues and my uncle played 13.  I think longevity is on my side."

"After this contract, I still feel like I've got another one after this.  I've always said, I'm going to play into my 40's."


His season:

"This year was just a little bit different, I think I raked with nobody on base and guys on first or something like that.  I think it was a short time period to look at.  The numbers are the numbers.  Does it have anything to do with switching agents?  Who knows.  There was a point in time when things clicked back on there at the end of the year.  Think I played pretty well the last couple months.  It's the type of player I am.  I get hot, get cold, streaky."


Will he watch the World Series?

"I'll be interested to see Cliff pitch game 1."


He can watch him next year from right field in Yankee Stadium (heyyo!).

Perhaps fittingly, the beard brough it full circle.  Back on February 22nd, the 2010 season un-officially began for the fans with this tweet of Werth's beard from writer Todd Zolecki. Zolecki got the last question and asked about the future of the beard.

"I don't know, Todd.  But I'll be sure to email you and tell you."


Someone says that there are teams that don't allow facial hair [Yankees]:

Oh there is?  


Someone else mentions Zolecki growing a beard, Werth jokes:

"Todd can't grow a beard, there's no way.  How old are you, Todd?  Have a good day."


And with that, the Jayson Werth era, the best four-year stretch in franchise history, likely came to an end.

Thanks to Ryan Lawrence of the Delco Times, and Philly Sports Daily for some of the quotes.

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31 Responses

  1. Reading this makes me so sad. It’ll be so weird to see him in another uniform next year. I will be so disgusted if he goes to the Yankees.

  2. Quote from Ruben Amaro
    I guess the follow up question are, do we have enough money to do it? And would we like to bring him back? I think the answers to both questions are yes.

  3. thanks for all the quotes, for those who didn’t see him speak.
    i watched the press conference and it is only been 2 days into the off season.
    other than that I have no comment, which is rare for me.

  4. Carl will cost as much or more. Better batting average, 3 times as many stolen bases, more RBI’s and more hits. Later Phillies right field LOL

  5. I must be missing something between the lines you are seeing. He’s talking about the past tense because it’s postseason interview. Noting he said sounds like the Phils are any more not an option then anyone else. In fact it sounds more to me he’d like to stay here:
    “I’ve had the best time in the last four years playing baseball with these guys, in this city, in front of these fans. I’ve seen quite a transformation here. Going forward, Philly will obviously be one of the teams that will be in consideration.”

  6. Thanks C-Rock. I get sick of people yapping on who we should dump and they forget about little things like contracts and no-trade clauses.

  7. I mean i don’t think he’ll come back, and it breaks my heart (unless it means Clifton will return) but i do think some of these quotes actually are somewhat encouraging…

  8. Want him to come back so bad. Trade Ibanez for some minor leaguers, sign werth, and put dominic brown or francisco in the outfield!

  9. The reason Werth won’t be here next year comes down to one reason. Amaro jumped the gun and gave Ryan Howard entirely too much money and that contract right there is going to bite the Phillies in the ass for years.

  10. I think it’s worth exploring moving Ibanez. The only way it could be killed is if he has a no trade clause. Otherwise, the Phillies could eat part of his contract in order to make room.
    At the very least, he needs to be platooned.

  11. Jayson, don’t go man. There is a magic in Philly now, a magic I’ve waited 5 decades to see. As a fan, I’m asking just how many millions do you really need? If the Phillies can come close, please consider it. I really believe the team has a quite a future. Will you be comfortable with a little more money while watching the playoffs from your livingroom? Don’t go dude, be a winner, not a little more rich loser.

  12. Jayson, we hardly knew ye!!! Don’t go. I agree with Frank, above. Stay with us and play more post-season games. Stay with us into your forties. Your could be the first Philadelphia Forty-Niner!!!

  13. For those who say carl crawford is the answer… The point of resigning Jayson is for a RIGHT HANDED bat. Carl Crawford is LEFT HANDED.


  15. Will the Phillies sign Werth???it doesnt look like it but you never know till he signs somewhere,,,but even as much as i hate to see him go i hated to see a lot of players go over the years,some mattered some didnt,,but the Phillies always find someone if not as good then almost as good as the player that left,and they plug him in and if he fits we keep him ,if not they plug someone else in,,,and as usual there is always things going on they dont tell us about,,,,behind the door moves so to speak,,,if WERTH WANTS TO PLAY HERE HE CAN MAKE IT WORK ,ALL HE HAS TO DO IS SIGN THE CONTRACT,,,

  16. he’s still overrated/about to be overpaid. at the same time, i know they won’t replace him with comparable talent. that’s not to say that some combination of francisco and brown and mayberry can’t play in place of werth and possibly ibanez and still be productive enough for the team to be competitive, but when you’ve got ruben on one hand saying that he expects to contend for a world series, and on the other hand your #5 hitter is on his way out the door, you just hope he can back up his words and assemble a world series caliber team.

  17. Well, if he goes to the Yankees, the beard will have to go. Don’t think he’ll be sticking around in Philadelphia. I’m sure there’s another heavy hitter who will be willing to play for the Phils at a fraction of what Werth will want.

  18. Werth isn’t the problem, this front office IS. He’s not going to the Yankees, they want Crawford, Werth doesn’t want a “big market”. All this stuff directed at Werth & Boras when the truth is Werth only hired Boras AFTER the FO pushed him. Werth made all these quotes (coached by Boras) at the press conf & on Eskin AFTER Amaro sat in the same chair ahead of him & said classless things about Werth that should’ve been saved for the contract table. Pls listen to Eskin’s interviews w/Werth fr Apr & May of this yr. You’ll hear a diff Werth. He thought he was staying in Phila thru the end of his career. He says that. But all season the FO refused to speak to his then-agent Jeff Borris. They signed exten’s w/Victorino, Blanton, Rollins & HOWARD (1 yr in advance of needed). That all happened after they acquired Halladay’s huge contract. Later this yr they acquired Oswalt’s huge contract. BUT GEE — Werth’s contract would suddenly break the bank?! This is a player who helped get us 4 yrs of playoffs, a WS win, he set several team records, & a number of NL records. If this is how our FO “rewards” solid players, then expect we’ll continue to lose solid players. Further, we won’t get more solid players to replace them. Why would they sign w/the Phillies? They’d be crazy to. And btw, Boras is Madsen’s & Brown’s agent too. So get ready, neither of them will stay inexpensive for long. Just reach a compromise & re-sign him.

  19. Hey, his best friend is Chase Utley, his wife’s best friend is Utley’s wife, he just finished building a new home in Phila, his kids are older & less likely to be thrilled about moving. All intangibles that would keep him here aside from loving the clubhouse, etc., which you can’t just fill with money. Also you left out the quotes where he talked about ‘winning meaning more than anything.’ He isn’t going to just any team. He talked about how every team he’s been on since HS has won championships & so forth. This guy LOVES WINNING. It drives him. He means to WIN until he’s using a walker. Like — he was kind of scary talking about it. That’s why he was one of the few who looked like he really wanted to win in the NLCS.
    And btw, that green-shirted dad who caught the foul ball should’ve stood in front of his kid to block the ball from hitting him (my parents always did that w/me & my brother). But he wanted to CATCH THE BALL. Werth didn’t see the kid at first, which is why he yelled at the dad. So what? I don’t care. Is he supposed to pay for therapy & a college educ for the kid, as if the kid’s never heard a 4-ltr word before. Please. I never want to hear about that crap again.

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