Game 1 Was Soooo Ironic

Raul_halladay_ballProduct placement!  Ironic, because the takeaway photo from last night's game features a Comcast ad, while their competitor, Cablevision, didn't carry the game

Ruben Amaro has made his mark on this series- and it's only Game 2.

Last night, the turning point of the game was when our former streaky hitting, below average left fielder hit a ball to our current streaky hitting, below average left fielder.  The latter dropped the ball, allowing the Giants to take a 3-1 lead.

Hmm, tell me if this sounds familiar.  Pat Burrell hits an important postseason double off the wall at CBP and then is immediately taken out for a pinch runner who scores a game-changing run.   Ah yes, those were the days.

Roy Halladay, who benefited from a generous strike zone in the NLDS to make baseball history, was squeezed by Derryl Cousins on an 0-2 pitch to Burrell.  The next offering was the afeormentioned double.  I had to resist the urge to say "Burrell would have had… Burrell's line drive."

If that's not enough for you, how's this?  Halladay, who was supposed to be the most unflappable pitcher in last night's game, got rattled and took the loss, while Lincecum tuned out a hostile Philly crowd for the W.  Meanwhile, Cliff Lee (ducks), our former ace, remains a perfect 6-0 in the playoffs.  And the guy Amaro got to help us forget about said ace, Roy Oswalt, will take the mound tonight to try and save the season for the Phillies.  Head asplodes.

Oh yeah, leaving the game I saw a guy get hit by a car while crossing Broad Street.

It's all just so ironic.  Isn't it?

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13 Responses

  1. What company is “Cablievision” exactly? Is that how my 2 year old son would pronounce it? Proofread your posts man.

  2. Hope the guy that got hit by the car is ok? Gees! Life can be very ironic sometime. I do believe the Phils will come back tonight in a big way. Of course, I’m the eternal optimist. We shall see. It is what it is!

  3. Basically what Ryan said. I’m sick of fucking hearing it. It’s times like these when I think that the national media is RIGHT to paint Phillies fans as the most vindictive and grudge-holding in all of baseball.
    So everybody quit bellyaching because H2O is getting us another parade.

  4. i wasn’t bellyaching about Lee. i was pointing out all of the subplots of last night’s and tonight’s game. oswalt is essentially the lee replacement. ibanez was the burrell replacement. just funny how it’s all coming to a head now

  5. plus one for a correct use of the word ironic. as painful as it is. and dude there is no debate, 2 for 1 and getting paid to take halladay and oswalt? no question there

  6. Your so negative, save our season? Its game 2 and we still could have easily won last nights game. Every time I go on this website I’m always happy and disappointed at the same time, you always have great info and good behind the scenes stuff but at the same time your always complaining about something. Just sit back and enjoy the ride, we’re the luckiest Phillies fans ever!! We get to see the greatest fightins squad ever assembled

  7. joe, really i wasn’t trying to be negative there. just point out how all of these recently discussed moves are coming to light at the same time. in a way, tonight’s game is to save the season. it’s VERY rare that a team comes back from 0-2. it’s close to a must win game, that is all i was trying to get across. rub made a good move to get oswalt, now he’s got the chance to make it pay off.

  8. Kyle’s not being over-dramatic. If we don’t win tonight, we’re not going to win the series. We need a big game from Oswalt here.

  9. This web page sucks ass.
    You were better off whining about ill shirts.
    for anyone who doesn’t know already Crossing broad is run by Front runners.

  10. How stupid do you idiots feel now having seen Ibanez Catch a would be double in an amzing play against Pat Burrell Of all people? WOW! Now THAT is Fucking Ironic!
    Suck a Dick Crossing Broad.

  11. I wonder what Halladay said to the umpire after he struck out Pat Burrell and then ended up letting up two runs. He did approach the umpire and said something afterwards…it looked like “thanks”

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