The Giants Are Rapin’ Errybody Out There

Giants_signPic via (@craigcalcaterra)

Bruce Newman, who criticized Philly fans for holding a sign that said "fix your teeth," might want to take a look at this sign paying homage to Antoine Dodson from last night's World Series game.  A World Series that might come to be known as the event that legalized marijuana- Hamilton smells pot in stands, fans use Lincecum to garner support for Prop 19, free pot when a Giant hits a home run.

Nice city.

Oh yeah, video after the jump of an epic McDonalds fight right next to AT&T Park after Game 1. Not because it doesn't happen everywhere, but because I'm tired of the national media pretending like Philly is the only place where this stuff happens.

H/T to "Fenton" for the video


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  1. Why are people in philadelphia wearing giants gear and talking like left coasters…. i dont get it

  2. You guys are acting like a bunch of faggots over this. Like we should point any fingers at stupid fans, shut up faggots.
    It’s an internet meme, but I guess everyone is gonna claim ignorance and act like Jimmy Rollins didn’t site the same meme. Everyone was cool with it then.
    Go listen to Phish you fucking faggots

  3. Get em’ Kyle! If half this shit happened in Philly it would be a top headline on ESPN and every other national sporting news outfit.
    That fight is insane. They just won a WS game in blowout fashion and weed is pretty much legal, so they should be literally high as a Georgia Pine, and this is how they act towards each other? But we’re the “bad guy”.
    Bottom line these jackwagon’s are in every city, stop crucifying Philadelphia…I’m lookin’ at you Bruce Newman, you talentless hack douche-nozzle!

  4. First of all, what’s a “meme”? Second of all, it’s not the fans that the finger is being pointed at, it’s the media. If this happened in Philly we would be getting BLASTED by the media as Philly fans right now. Between the sign and the fight video, it would be awful. Jimmy made the reference but A)he’s not a fan and B)he didn’t literally reference rape. All he said was “runteldat” which is also a funny ass Martin Lawrence stand up.
    There’s room for you on that SF bandwagon, how bout’ you go jump on it.

  5. I’m from Juniata you faggot, I’m not from Cali! But I’m not a whiny ass poof like all of you are

  6. James your pretty angry for someone who got to stay home from school today. I remember when I was 12 I used to love getting to stay home.

  7. MD10 is a silly faggot. Won’t be laughing that much after I face fuck every woman in your family faggot.

  8. Holy shit!! That is the rawest thing I have ever read in my life, this dude is awesome. As bat-shit crazy as he seems I agree with him in a sense. Stop being such bitter cry baby’s. San Fran has a few retarded fans like I’m sure we do, crying about us just makes us look like, i’ll pick a new word, little bitches.

  9. Is that the best you can do youngin? FAIL. I’m still laughing. Keep it up and I’m going to tell your mom to change all the passwords on the computer. Your privelages are bout’ to get revoked son!

  10. Fuck that I’m tired of the media portraying my fan base as classless scumbags in the media, but everyone else gets away with it and I’m standing up for my town. If that makes me a bitch, fine.
    Like I said, I have no problem with any other fan base, but these jackwagon’s doing the reporting need open their eyes.

  11. James,
    Is this your way of coming out of the closet? Projecting your deeply rooted insecurities and shame by projecting your homophobia onto others doesn’t hide you from anything.
    It’s ok, we know, you’re ok and you’re safe here. We’ll still love you anyway no matter how gay you are.

  12. James isn’t from California. he spent the entire SCF/period immediately after game 6 complaining incessantly that Phish ruined the Flyers.

  13. Rollins quoted Dodson, which is fine. This sign suggested the Giants are raping everybody out there. It’s funny, yes, but entirely different context. And goes to show that there are “questionable” signs in every city.

  14. James,
    A couple of years back, I was “face fucking” your mother. I decided after many hours of medicore “face fucking” I was going to give her the samuri spear to put her out of her miserable ability to suck the dick. (The samuri spear is when you stab through a womans throat with your cock). Your mother read my intentions and immeadiately begged me for sex. Since I did not want blue balls I proceeded to blow my load in her twat, unfortunately making a horrid offspring that was later named James Niggly. Unfortunately James you must now go through life being refered to as the load your mother should have swallowed.
    That is all.
    The Mighty Jones.
    And no you have’t wont be getting it on with my family, we live in a gated community where “niggly’s” are not accepted or tolerated unless serving us food.

  15. Were they fighting over the last Big Mac? WTF!
    The point is to show moronic “reporters” like Bruce Newman that there is trash in every city, even his.
    I love my city and I am proud of our true fans. There are assholes everywhere.

  16. Now the series heads to the city where they shoot people in cars from office buildings…
    What, like they don’t?

  17. Is it wrong that the 1st thing that pops in my head watching the video is fag bashing…. im going to hell

  18. Yeah, one moron with a stupid sign represents the entire city….Really? Is that what you think? Well if you do, you better stay in Philly where this moron is apparently from.

  19. Wow, this fight definitely proves that Philly is not the only place where idiots run rampant!!

  20. Ain’t it ridiculous how much Philly is looked down on, for shit everyone else does anyway? We have passionate fans, yes, and we may expect a lot from our players, yes, but we aren’t the only people on the planet who get in fights or own laser pointers.
    First excuse anyone has when losing to Philly is “Well, Philly is a shitty city… blah blah blah.” Yeah, because the media plays it up that way!
    Let’s take a look at LA. People who aren’t used to the air there will visit and cough their lungs up the whole time they are there. Yet, LA isn’t nationally recognized as a dirty city, and Philly is. We don’t have nearly that extent of air pollution.

  21. The reply is extremely easy. It’s allin how they perceive their troubles. Yes, each and every living person has troubles. A problem-free everyday life is definitely an illusion-a mirage inside desert. Accept that simple fact.

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